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Family History: Reeves

Family History - Reeves

Reeves is my mum's maiden name and, at the moment, the stubbiest part of the tree. Unlike all the other branches, the Reeves' don't seem to have bred like rabbits so there just aren't as many names to latch onto!

Anyway, here's what we have so far:

Wendy Reeves

My mum, Wendy Reeves, was born on Valentine's Day 1967 - the youngest of five and a bit of a surprise; her mum initially thought she was starting the menopause! Apparently she was almost named Gayle, but my gramp intervened at the last moment and went for Wendy instead.

The other names were less contentious, starting with:

Michael (Mike) John Reeves, b. 1951.

Jane Reeves, b. 1952.

Hazel Carol Reeves, b. 1955.

Patricia Tomlinson, Jane Reeves, Wendy Reeves, Hazel Reeves
Patricia Tomlinson (Mike's wife), Jane, Wendy, Hazel Reeves - 1978.

Tony William Reeves, b. 1963.

My nan and gramp, Iris May Edwards and William Alfred John Reeves, were born in 1931 and 1930 respectively. They married in 1950 and initially lived with Iris' mother, before moving to a cottage in Croesyceiliog which was really only fit for demolition. When that finally happened, they moved on to Hanbury Close on the then new Northville estate - it was so new that most of the houses were still unfinished and there wasn't even any paving laid. My nan died ten years ago now, in 2006.

Iris May Edwards and William Alfred John Reeves
Check out the groovy wallpaper c. 1970!

And just because I never tire of featuring this picture on the blog:

family holiday in Porthcawl
Me, my Mum, John and Iris Reeves, c. 1990.

My gramp - known as Bill to his workmates but John to everyone else, just to be confusing! - is still crazy active; he has a way better social life than the rest of us. He is also the one who passed on the love of loud patterns and lots of decoration: one of my mum's favourite family stories is the time he wallpapered the living room as a surprise for my nan in bright, flowery paper. My nan, horrified, waited until he left the house for a night shift, then worked into the early hours to take it all back off again!

He has two sisters:

Elizabeth May Reeves, b. 1925. May married Walter Whittington in 1948 and a year later they had a daughter, Yvonne.

Alice Dorothy Reeves, b. 1927. Alice married Reginald Breen in 1946, and the couple went on to have a number of children, including Christine (b. 1947), and Robert (b. 1949).

Their mother was Alice Gertrude Gibbs (1893 - 1981), who married William Alfred Reeves in 1924 - they both went by their middle names, because that was just the way people rolled back in the day. I think I've found the right William Alfred in the census records, along with his siblings:

John Henry Reeves, 1890 - 1898. John Jnr drowned in Newport docks on Wednesday 22nd June 1898; his body was found the following day. When I found his death date I imagined he would have caught one of the innumerable fatal illnesses of the time, so it shocked me to find the newspaper reports.

South Wales Echo Clipping
South Wales Echo, June 24th 1898. They followed up the next day.

Llewellyn James Reeves, 1891 - ?

William Alfred Reeves, 1894 - 1945.

Thomas Charles Reeves, 1896 - 1957. Thomas volunteered at the outbreak of WW1 and served in the infantry. I'm not entirely sure, but so far it looks to me like he married Margaret Louisa Gibbs in 1921 - she was a younger sister of my great grandmother.

Walter John Henry Reeves, 1898 - 1963. Walter served as an ordinary seaman in the Royal Navy during WW1, and their records list his DOB as 1896 - I think he probably added a couple of years to his age to enlist.

Caroline Maud Reeves, 1903 - 1950.

Percy Albert Reeves, 1909 - 1968. He married Cecilia Mary Lloyd in 1933.

Their father, John Reeves, was born in Shrewsbury in 1864, and married Elizabeth ? in 1889, a native of Glastonbury. The 1891 census finds the couple and their lodger, Sidney Jones, living at #2 Jaymes (sp?) Buildings in Newport. By 1901 the family had moved to #16 South Market Street, where John was still working as a railway guard. In 1911 they had moved a few doors down to #45 South Market Street, and John was now working as a river wharf labourer. Three of his sons - Llewellyn, Alfred, and Thomas - were also listed as dock labourers. In the 1914 Newport Street Directory John is listed as a brick layer.

South Market Street was close to the docks, and had exactly the kind of reputation you're imagining. It was constantly in the newspapers as the site of fights, disturbances and general anti-social behaviour. My favourite report is that of Ellen Hurley, described as a 'woman with a baby in her arms' who, nevertheless, managed to smash a glass over Robert Morgan's head and put him in hospital!

This is as far back as I've managed to get with the Reeves' so far. If you have any info on them, I'd love to hear from you. :)

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

This Week #46

To plant a garden is to believe in Tomorrow.
Life This Week

I have finally made a start on the garden.

The thing is, I'm no great fan of the outdoors. It's full of spiders and bugs and dirt and all kinds of other things I dislike. So, since we've moved in, the garden has been pretty much left to its own devices. This week I've spent hours and hours cutting back nettles, mowing the lawn, weeding, and generally having actual contact with living plant life.

There is still a lot to do, but it's getting there.

When I haven't been gardening (helped along by spilling coke all over my laptop and having no better distractions for a week), I've been sorting out our endless junk, selling stuff on ebay, and working on the family tree. I can see myself really getting into the latter as a hobby - it's so interesting! I'm using Ancestry and it's kind of like playing a game because you put in so many details, then the site suggests a bunch of records which may or may not correlate with your relative. It's addictive. :)

Photo of the Week

This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: True crime. Let's face it, I'm always reading true crime!

☆ WRITING: To Do Lists.

☆ WATCHING: Anthony decided he had a burning need to rewatch That '70s Show. All eight mind numbing seasons of it. If I ever see any of it again it will be too soon.

☆ LISTENING: Double Dutch - Malcolm McLaren.

☆ WEARING: Gardening gloves.

☆ EATING: I'm back on the diet, so lots of fruit and veg.

☆ REVIEWING: I took part in the Mother & Baby Awards testing this year, so have been busy reviewing Tesco baby bath and talc, a baby monitor, nightlight and a potty. Expect to hear more about the latter very soon. :)

On the Blog

I can't blog from my phone, it's just too frustrating! So there have just been tumbleweeds over the last week while I waited for the new laptop to arrive. I did backdate a few new category master posts though, like Frugal Living and Family History.

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby
Why I Don't Want Another BabyManners Maketh Baby
7 Worst Things About Being An Adult

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Friday Frivolity: Dieting

Friday Frivolity

This last week has been a bit of a disaster - I spilled a glass of coke over my laptop and that was the end of it. Thankfully my new (second hand) laptop arrived yesterday, just in time to catch up with the linky!

Still, it was obviously my own fault for drinking fizzy pop in the first place... It's just that:

Diet Quote

I'm lovin' this graph too -

My relationship with junk food...

Although, if this one is true I ought to be a size 0, junk food or no!

Calories in Household Chores
Perhaps it's because I draw the line at wearing high heels to do my chore workout, like these ladies back in 1957:

HotSpot Media via Daily MailHotSpot Media via Daily Mail

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Family History

Family History

I've been busy scanning in endless family photos and setting up a family tree. It's something that's always vaguely interested me, but now I have Marianna it somehow seems more important to record where she came from, and all the people who have helped create her.

Look out for more updates on the Powells, Birds, Reeves', Rowlands' and more!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Frugal Living

Frugal Living
Christmas on a Budget
Trade-In TrialsMy Shopping List
The Beginner's Guide To Comping (The Art of Entering - And Winning - Competitions)

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

What I've Won in August

What I've Won This Month

This month has been a bit quieter - but still very successful!

 Scott Cornwall hair products from
 £100 worth of Belle & Boo products from Bambino Goodies.
 Club Petz Martina the Little Turtle from Oscar's Toybox.
Smart View case for the Huawei P9 from and MobileFun.
 £10 voucher from
 Plan Our Date box from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.
☆ Giftware from Berni Parker Designs.
☆ Wingz from Blue Bear Wood.

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