Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Review: Mothercare Loved So Much Playmat and Gym

Over the weekend my friends Cat and Kathryn came down from London to see Marianna (and me!), and one of the gifts Marianna was given was the Mothercare Loved So Much Playmat and Gym. Kathryn had asked me what she needed and just about the only thing we didn't have was a baby gym, so it was very very much appreciated. :)

Stock picture.

The bear itself is so soft and cosy - every time I look at it I wish they made one in my size so I could cuddle up in it! The arms can move a little. like the bear is giving baby a hug, and have jingly bells inside the paw; the feet make a crinkly noise when played with. The gym bars were very easy to attach, simply clicking into snaps underneath the mat. Marianna loves anything with faces so we wanted to rearrange the toys so she could see the animals better. The toys are really easy to attach and detach, whether to move around the frame, or to change the toy on the hanger. 

Look at those little legs go!

I was impressed with how quickly Marianna picked up the idea that if she kicked the bar, the toys would move and rattle. Now she will lie there and amuse herself quite happily for a few minutes which is a great bonus. The whole thing just looks adorable, and doesn't take up as much space as some other gyms I've seen. The only change I would make is to make the centre (the bear's tummy) a little more padded, but it's not a big issue and we haven't needed to put a blanket or any other layer under her. In short, I love it and would highly recommend, especially for the younger baby.

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