Monday, 29 October 2018

Review: Jacamo AW18 Menswear

Jacamo Menswear

We've been lucky enough to work with Jacamo menswear in the last week, testing out a couple of products from their AW18 range. Seeing as Anthony was the one getting the benefit of this, I made him put the work in and write a review of his choices...

Today I tried on the new deliveries that I’d got from Jacamo. My previous experience of Jacamo extended no further than the adverts featuring Johhny Vegas, so I was pretty pleased to see an easy to use site with a pretty decent looking inventory, that, most importantly, actually carried my size, because the problem that I have is that something is either in my size, or I like how it looks, never both.

I had a long look about the site and for my first purchases I chose the Eterna Double Cuff Formal Shirt (in plain white, size 18 1/2) and the Suede Look Chukka Boots (a size 10 in Tan).

Jacamo Eterna Double Cuff Formal Shirt

I wear a white shirt most days, its part of the uniform for me, suit, tie and starched white shirt, so the Eterna Double Cuff Shirt was something that has to hold up through meetings, public events, and still look good at the end of the day and beyond to the post meeting drinks. And this shirt manages to do just that, the design of the shirt is a solid quality, with a stiff collar that shouts respect, and a plain front that can be worn as is, or be accessorised with ties, waistcoats or whatever.

The added bonus of this shirt is that being made for the taller gentleman, I’m finding that I have enough length in the sleeve, but also I’m finding that the extra length on the torso manages to get over my somewhat substantial gut, which is often a concern I need addressed when buying clothes.

Jacamo Formal Shirt

As for the boots they generally meet my criteria for a really good shoe. Comfortable, looks good, and is inexpensive, normally I have to settle for Two out of Three of these criteria, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised, to hit that high benchmark, the boots really are pretty comfortable, I’ve worn them while walking to meetings and the comfort doesn’t seem to fade, and in terms of looks, the chukka boot is always a classic look, and as for the quality of shoe itself, I know its marketed as suede look, but I honestly don’t think that I could tell the difference, the boots are that well made.

Jacamo Tan Boots

It was a pleasure to use Jacamo and I think I’ll be returning after pay day, as being a bit of a clotheshorse its good to know that there’s well stocked website that carries my size.

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