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Review - Room To Grow Toy Storage Basket

Reviewing Kiddiewinkles Toy Storage Basket with Room To Grow

One of the things you soon learn upon having kids is that they generate a lot of stuff. Seriously, endless amounts of toys, clothing, equipment, random junk you daren't get rid of in case you absolutely desperately need it eighteen months from now... Worse, you somehow need to cram as much of it as you can into a room they turn into a bombsite the moment they open their eyes in the morning.

So, needless to say, when I was asked if I would like to review a toy storage basket from Room To Grow you can be sure I jumped at the chance.

Room To Grow is a kind of 'one stop shop' when it comes to children's bedrooms. Since 1996 they have been providing ingenious space saving furniture - including some of the most gorgeous beds you'll ever see - along with accessories and storage solutions. The other brands they stock are carefully chosen to provide top quality and to fit with their own brand ethos; the toy basket we're reviewing comes from Kiddiewinkles, an award winning British brand in their own right with a focus on enabling creative play.

Room To Grow Children's Interior Design

The toy baskets come in a range of colours and designs, from blue gingham to candy stripes, and you can even get them personalised. I (bravely) let Marianna choose which design she liked best and she opted for the pink star basket. A few days later our basket arrived, folded flat and nicely packaged, and the real testing could begin!

The first thing you notice is the quality of the fabric. The colours are vibrant and the quilted fabric - 100% cotton - is lovely and soft and, of utmost importance for anything going into a kid's bedroom, machine washable. The second thing you notice is the size! These baskets are 50cm x 40cm, with a capacity of 78L. Marianna decided to demonstrate how big her new basket is the best way she knew how... by climbing into it.

Kiddiewinkles Pink Star Toy Storage Basket

After persuading her to get out of it, we took it upstairs to begin the mammoth task of organising her soft toy collection. I say mammoth not because she has a lot of soft toys - though she most certainly does - but because I couldn't see the floor of her bedroom for the amount of dolls, blocks, books and other sundries strewn across it.

A couple of hours later we actually got to the stage where we could get all the teddies down off the top of her wardrobe and go through them. I've been meaning to do this for a while now because Marianna keeps asking to play with them and, obviously, if they're being stored at a more child friendly height it just makes life easier for everyone.

Room To Grow Storage Solutions

After much deliberation Marianna parted with just three teddies and I began to worry that we wouldn't be able to fit all the remaining toys into their new home. In truth, she could have got the whole lot in there! I was really impressed with just how much the basket could hold and, once full, how easy it was to move to its 'tidy place' - the little built in cupboard where we keep Marianna's dress up clothes and inflatable ball pit.... The handles are strong and sturdy, and it's lightweight enough that Marianna could get it out herself.

The instant I left the room.

Still, come bedtime she was able to put all the soft toys back into the basket and I just lifted it back into position. Top marks all around, I think!

Room To Grow Storage Basket

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