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Personalised Bottle Labels Review

Personalised Bottle Labels Review

A few weeks back I was sent a personalised Prosecco bottle to review. As I had the personalisation done in Anthony's name it seemed only fair that he do the actual reviewing! :)


It was only a little while ago that you couldn’t go to any event without being offered a glass of Prosecco, networking event, business lunch, or at anything to do with the arts, you were guaranteed to get a complimentary glass of Prosecco. Prosecco was the In Drink, although I couldn’t help but think that most of the cheap stuff you got handed as you walked into whatever function you happened to be at that week has a resemblance to grapes that had been fermented in battery acid.

 So when Jessica handed me very own personalised bottle courtesy of Personalised Prosecco, I was slightly taken aback, the design of the bottle was actually rather elegant and it was slightly novel to my own name printed on the a bottle, but as someone who is no stranger to decorative booze I would quite happily have had the bottle on my shelf as a conversation starter, and may well keep it. 

However to my mind the proof of a good drink is in the tasting, and I’ve mentioned before my experience with prosecco has tended to lean more towards the severe heartburn type. But my fears proved to be completely unfounded. What was apparent from the first sip of this bottle was a crisp and clear taste that wasn’t overpowered by its own alcohol content. It had a real freshness to it that surprisingly hit the spot as a thirst quencher, which isn’t something you find with many wines. And what may be unique in my experience with prosecco is that you could actually taste the grapes that it came from. Personalised Bottle Labels has really got themselves a great product.

Personalised Prosecco Review


I think this is such a cool gift idea, especially as even after drinking the contents glass bottle are great for displaying all kinds of stuff. (My favourite is sticking in one of those sets of fairy lights with the batteries in a plastic 'cork'.) The labels are professional quality, and there are tons of different options to choose from, up to and including adding photographs. Although we reviewed prosecco, Personalised Bottle Labels actually offer everything from port to vodka to champagne, and with regular sale events and discount codes on top of already good prices you can pick up some real bargains.

They also sell personalised bottles giftboxed with a newspaper from a particular day, or chocolates, or a rose, etc, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.

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