Thursday, 12 August 2021

Review: Glitterify Me Glitter Tattoo Kits

Glitterify Me My First Glitter Tattoo

Marianna was super impatient to try out the glitter tattoo kit we were sent to review. The range offers a variety of kits designed to help you create your very own glitter tattoos. Being new to the process - and dubious of my artistic ability! - I went for the 'My First Glitter Tattoo'. Even I couldn't mess that up, surely?

Okay, I still lacked faith in myself, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I actually got started. You can't go wrong. Seriously. The most difficult part of the process was getting Marianna to decide which design she wanted. 

My first glitter tattoo kit 

Design chosen, you simply peel and stick it into place. That done you use the bottle of glue provided to apply a thin layer - it's just like applying nail varnish, but without having to worry about staying in the lines...

After you've given the glue a few minutes you then get to apply the glitter. Marianna decided she wanted half of the seahorse to be blue, and the other half to be red. Again, I was really pleased by how well the glitter stuck to the glue. I had kind of been expecting to end up with glitter absolutely everywhere, but instead the clean up just involved a tissue.

Finally it was time for the moment of truth. As I peeled off the sticker I braced myself for the kind of disappointed whinging that only comes with the end results of the 'we can do it ourselves at home' philosophy. But! 

Just look at this seahorse:

seahorse glitter tattoo

Marianna loved it, and I was so impressed I gave myself a lizard tattoo. Even his little claws (fingers? whatever they are) are defined. ♥

Glitterify Me

The other thing to note is that the tattoos really are waterproof. You can exfoliate them away easy enough, but just being in and out of water - or even washing with soap - will do little to remove it, meaning you can keep them for days without needing to reapply. 

So, final thoughts: These kits are awesome. Whether you're the super crafty kind who wants to make their own stencils, or the totally craft averse who just wants something to turn out like the promo picture, these glitter tattoo kits have you covered. Our kit came with dozens of designs, four colours of glitter, the glue and an application brush - aka everything you need. And the process is so simple kids can even do it themselves and achieve great results. 

Check the available sets out for yourself at Glitterify Me. There is free UK shipping on all products, and right now there is also a sale on. The kit we tried makes up to 25 tattoos; so at the current sale price of £13.56, that's less than 55p per tattoo! 

Glitter Tattoo Cat

* We were sent the kit to try out, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. *

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