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Trade-In Trials

Trade-In Trials

You really have three options when it comes to media you have already consumed: you throw it away, give it away, or try to sell it. The first just seems all wrong to me (I mean, putting a book in the bin? A book!?), so traditionally I've always gone for option two. But, inspired by all the TV ads on the subject, lately I've been using online trade-in sites instead.

Rather than go with the usual tried and tested option (Ziffit), I decided I'd shop around a bit more with this lot to see if I could get a better deal. They all pay within around seven working days of receiving your package, so I was more interested in how much they offered and how easy the process was when rating - as I prefer using Royal Mail to Collect+ that was also a factor.

Plenty of stuff to trade in... 
Trade-in Limit: £15
Shipping: Label is emailed to you, with the option of using Royal Mail or taking the package to your local Collect+ point.
Comments: This came out worst in my test, with no trade in offers for the bulk of my items and typically the lowest offers for items they did want.
Trade-in Limit: £10
Shipping: Label is emailed to you, and package must be taken to the nearest Collect+ point.
Comments: Slightly more offers than Fatbrain, with offers generally around the 20 - 30p mark. The biggest downside of ZAPPER is the high number of items the site didn't recognise the ISBN for, and even popular, well selling books fell into this category.
Trade-in Limit: £5
Shipping: Label has to be printed off and package taken to Collect+ point, although they will send you a Royal Mail label if you have no local Collect+ point (doesn't specify how local...).
Comments: The search function was slower than on the other sites, and trade in offers were generally low - but it would take some of the items none of the others wanted.

Trade-in Limit: £10 (to be paid in Amazon vouchers)
Shipping: Label needs to be printed, but there is the option of Royal Mail or Collect+.
Comments: Didn't offer trade-in on many items, but did offer a decent price for the items they wanted.
Trade-in Limit: £10
Shipping: You need to print the shipping label or write out your own label, then post it via Royal Mail.
Comments: I've used Momox before and was impressed with the offers I received from them for books which no other site wanted. The only downside I can see is that they're the only one based out of country (Germany), so turnaround time might be slightly longer.
Trade-in Limit: £10
Shipping: You can either print out the label or request that they post you one, then you either take your stuff to the nearest Collect+ point or, if your trade-in weighs over 10kg, they will collect it from your house.
Comments: By far the best trade-in site in my experience, offering trade-in on the widest range of items, along with offering the highest price in around 75% of cases. I've also found their customer service department to be very helpful, with a quick response time.

Have you tried out any of the trade-in sites? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I've never tried anything like this, fascinated to read how you got on #MarvMondays

    1. It's a great way to make a bit of space *and* cash

  2. Hi Jessica, really interesting comparissons! I've never really tried trading in any of my books because I've always thought that they would be difficult to sell for a decent price given how cheap books are now and therefore would it be worth the hassle and admin. However, its great to read your post and understand the value you can get and how long it takes etc. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. The prices aren't generally loads - typically between about 30p and £2.50 - but if you have a reasonable number of books to get rid of it's really worth it. I've just done another lot of about 15 books now for £13. It's a little extra for the Christmas fund, at least! :)


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