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Beans & Sparks Club Review

Beans and Sparks Club Review

Beans & Sparks Club is a super cute kids' book subscription service. When you sign up you create an avatar for your child with their name, hair / eye colour, freckles, glasses, etc. This is then used to personalise each monthly book for your little one.

Each book gets you one club point, which you can collect together for rewards like magnets, posters, and mugs.

Beans and Sparks Club Book

I knew Marianna would be a fan based on how much she loved the personalised copy of The Snowman she got from Santa - via Penwizard. You can't pick the title you get, instead receiving the book for the month you sign up, but it worked out really well for us because Marianna has been interested in space ever since we visited Cardiff Museum to see Tim Peake's space capsule.

This above was Marianna's favourite page because it was her doing her favourite thing, bouncing on her trampoline. :)

Beans and Sparks Club Personalised Books

The stories are short and sweet, making them a great option for a bedtime read when putting younger kids to bed. The print and paper quality is really nice, and the books are staple bound with a soft cover. Subscriptions cost £12.99 a month (delivery included) or, for a limited time, they're offering the first book free.

Check it out at Beans & Sparks Club.

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