Monday, 20 July 2015

Review: Baby Concert

Marianna's new favourite thing is hitting stuff, just edging out her old favourite thing of kicking stuff. To capitalise on this my mum decided Marianna really needed a toy drum. Not one that you hit and it plays a little electronic tune (as is the norm with drums for babies), but just a little drum she could hit to her heart's content.

Marianna playing with toy maraca

After much trawling of the internet, the Baby Concert set was chosen. These come as five (£3.71 with free postage on eBay) or eight piece sets and, though the word 'concert' might be slightly ambitious, they are great value for money. We've got the five piece version which has a drum with drumsticks and a ribbon to hang it around the neck, two maracas, handle bells, and a whistling trumpet - the eight piece has an ordinary whistle, a tambourine and a tik-tak drum to go with them.

baby concert musical instrument set

The drumsticks are too tempting a tonsillectomy tool, but Marianna has been having great fun shaking the maracas, slapping the drum and, best of all, hitting the maracas against the drum. If only the same effect could be achieved silently, it would be the perfect toy...

Boo Roo and Tigger Too


  1. I found that finding high quality musical instruments is hard so I am pleased to have read this.

  2. These look like fun and a great price too, thanks for linking up to #ToyTuesday

  3. My older children loved their musical instruments when they were little so I might need to get one of these sets for Piglet.

    Thank you for linking up to #ToyTuesday

    1. They're great value. My mum bought her a big drum from B&M too which is also good, but louder and more annoying... :)


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