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Favourite Superhero

Day 3 - Your Favourite Superhero

A has been downsizing his comic collection. To make room for the Dr Who collection. The endless listing of said comics  - and if you're into comics, you can find all the current offerings HERE - has given me plenty of time to mull over this question. In the end it was a fairly easy choice. My favourite superhero has to be...

Superman and Jimmy Olsen
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Superman's my fave because he's just such a good guy. (Overall, that is. I mean, if you're going silver age Supes was just as much of a 'Superdick' as Pa Kent was before him. Exhibit A.) Clark Kent got picked on at school, was too shy to speak to Lana Lang, and even being the world's greatest superhero can't cure him of his innate small town hick-ness. He's never going to be cool, but that's what I love about him.

Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns
Sam Huntington was one of my favourite Jimmy Olsens.

The other thing I love about Superman are the supporting characters. Lois Lane, while given to fits of hysterical screaming, is one tough cookie, working her way up to star reporter on the city beat. You only have to look at the grisly cases famed LA city reporter Agness Underwood worked on to see that it wasn't a job for the faint hearted.

Superman Comics

Then there's Jimmy Olsen - my absolute favourite comics character - the most dedicated stalker / fanboy in comic history. The guy has a shrine to Superman in his bedroom, and Supes often just seems to encourage it:

I rest my case.

Do you have a favourite superhero?

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  1. I'm a bit in the dark where superheroes are concerned, but I think I'll need to swat up as my tots get older as I don't think my superhero ignorance will be tolerated! Thanks for the Superman heads up! :0) #abitofeverything

    1. Hehe, you'll probably have no choice but to hear about them in *great* detail! ;) My other half is already trying to indoctrinate our daughter into superheros, Star Wars, and Dr Who - she even has Dr Who curtains!

  2. Ooh I'll look forward to it. We're still on Peppa Pig curtains for now... :-/

  3. The big one is all about Batman. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Anthony loves Batman too, he's just bought all the cartoon on DVD!


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