Thursday, 16 July 2015

Be the Modest Person Around

I originally posted this on my doll blog, it's so cute it deserved to be moved over...

One of the best things about buying vintage dolls and accessories, especially in bundles or job lots, are the little relics of childhood that often come with them. Those disastrous early sewing attempts in the form of Sindy's home made skirt, Pippa's chest of drawers crafted from match boxes, and the plastic Christmas cracker toys that, by virtue of their diminutive size, ended up being stuck in a box in the attic with Barbie and her wardrobe.

My mum picked up one such bundle of Sindy clothes on eBay last week, and tucked away with one of the outfits was the cutest handmade dolly magazine from 1967. More specifically it must have been from January or February that year because, according to the Top Ten countdown, The Monkees' I'm a Believer was #1 in the UK music charts. Welcome to Mod magazine, containing 'every thing a girl could want':

Page one gives you 'Hints on a Party' - 'always make sure they know when it is'. Still some sound advice that, even 40-odd years later. Then there are advertisements for 'a new mod dress - wonderful - you'll love it' (and only 36 shillings) and mod shoes:

Next come the chart listings and book recommendations ('Love in the House on the Moon' and 'The Mystery of the Romantic Ghost'), followed by advice to 'send off for a cooking book on how to make cakes now'. In fact at Mod magazine you could write in for advice on anything:

My absolute favourite thing in this tiny magazine - even better than 'Love in the House on the Moon' - has to be on the penultimate pages:

Be the modest person around! 

It's such a cute look back into a different time. Have you ever found any home made 'treasures' in with your eBay purchases?


  1. How fun - I'm so glad you shared this! It must have been such a blast to discover this treasure! #fridayfrivolity

    1. It was such a sweet thing to find! You can't help but wonder about the little girl who made it all those years ago :)

  2. Oh I LOVE THIS! So sweet, brought back memories.... I made my barbies magazines toooooo! What a time-capsule this one was as well. <3 the Monkees hehe.

    Pinning and tweeting... thanks for the huge smile! I hope you link up again at Friday Frivolity this week!

  3. That would be fun to discover! I'm impressed that you deciphered the handwriting so quickly! It would have taken me a while.


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