Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mini Mart: fan21hk

The bag and books on the bed are from the Sailor Moon Daily Life set.

Supplier: fan21hk
Website:  eBay Store.

Products: Re-ment 1/6 sale miniatures.

I love Re-ment - highly detailed plastic 1/6 sale miniatures - but getting hold of them in the UK is generally either impossible or prohibitively expensive. Even buying from abroad can be a pain because of high shipping costs and then customs (I almost never buy from the USA for this reason). But. Fan21hk are the knights in shining armour of UK Re-ment collecting. Their website, selling full sets, is one of the cheapest around, and all prices include free international shipping. I've never had a set held up by customs, either.

You can buy individual splits and other miniatures from their eBay store too. This will work out more expensive, and you have to pay shipping, but you can sometimes find rarer sets this way.

Postage and Packing: Free international postage. My latest purchase was a pre-order for the Sailor Moon Daily Life set. Once they were in stock it was shipped within days, and took about a week to arrive. Really, if you're looking for new Re-ment releases, fan21hk is the way to go.

The parcel.


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