Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mini Mart: C'mon Dolly

Supplier: C'mon Dolly
You can also find them on EtsyFacebook, G+Instagram, and Twitter. The owner also runs a children's clothing brand called Little Noli.

Licca doll
Reproduction 1st gen Licca on the small pure neemo body.

Products: C'mon Dolly is a fashion doll clothing brand, with its main focus on Blythe sized outfits. I bought a pair of galaxy print tights, a pair of gold leggings, and a pair of metallic blue leggings. I was also sent a pair of pink leggings as a free extra - how sweet is that! :) They were all really well made and great value too.

Licca doll wearing galaxy tights from C'mon Dolly
2nd gen Licca tries out the galaxy tights - this is the smallest pure neemo body and they're a bit big.

Post and Packing: I ordered through Etsy on November 3rd and paid their flat shipping rate of £2.03. My package was sent by first class mail and arrived at the beginning of this week. The packaging was so pretty I saved the cardboard insert for crafting with.

doll tights and leggings from C'mon Dolly
My order.


  1. those leggings are the cutest! i want them in my size!

    1. It would be good if they stayed the same price too! ;)

  2. How cool do the tights look super gold spandex tights haha
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML

    1. :D They can pull off all the things I can't! Hehe.

  3. Replies
    1. They make me think of Pan's People or something! :)


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