Sunday, 17 January 2016

This Week #18

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

I couldn't make the seminar on Monday, but this week's was an update on the fire at Coed Eva school. The infant building was completely gutted, but the school reopened on Monday and the nursery will be open on the 25th when the demountable classrooms are up. Some teenagers were apparently messing about on the grounds on New Year's Eve, setting fire to a bench - the flames caught the nursery porch / overhang and that was it. All the firefighters could hope to do was to stop the blaze spreading to the junior building. That's the problem with all the outdated school buildings across the country; they're full of asbestos and not built to withstand fire. This might inspire Welsh government to stop dragging its feet over approving our 21st century schools plans and releasing the funds for the school rebuilds... but I won't hold my breath! Most of them have been pushed back at least 5 - 10 years already.

Anyway, on Monday evening I had a governors' meeting at Croesyceiliog School. If you've ever thought about becoming a school governor, check out my handy guide to it. Tuesday was pretty quiet, even though it was Kiss a Ginger Day. (Seriously!) All I can remember about Wednesday is that Marianna went for her MMR and booster jabs. On Thursday I had to have a banking review (I'm with the Natwest). I was really worried that they wanted to take my overdraft off me or something, which is generally all that stands between us and non-payment of everything, but it really was just a review of personal details and my account. The woman who did the review was lovely and, unlike some of the tales Google brought up, didn't try to sell me anything. I complain about the Natwest a lot because their online banking seems to be down about 12 times a week, but this did change my opinion a fair bit!

In the evening we all went to our local Labour branch meeting. They grate on me more as time goes on because it's just the same thing every meeting. I'm secretary at the moment but it's the AGM in February and there is no way I'm continuing with it - I've already warned Anthony that unless we suddenly get a new enthusiastic member, he'll be doing it. ;) Friday and Saturday were a bit of a write off in terms of diet and achievements. I felt really ill and generally gross, so didn't do any aerobics and ate the full 2k calories each day. All I did was put up my Sindy house!

Marianna sitting on floor

☆ READING: Photo-Love magazine again, this time from April 28th 1979.

☆ WRITING: Another installment in my guide to Britain series; this week's looks at food.

WATCHING: Dickensian. I watched all the episodes so far the other day on catch-up. I'm enjoying it but it's tinged with the tragedy of knowing what's coming for poor Miss Haversham... Caroline Quentin's role also got us talking about how she now gets to play old nags and mad cat ladies, while her erstwhile colleague Martin Clunes is still able to pull all the ladies despite being the same age...

☆ WEARING: My coat. It's been freezing this week!

☆ EATING: Eggs. It's been a very eggy week for some reason.


I've written a few guest posts recently, so I've made a post to record the links in as they go live.


  1. I've started doing a kind of weekly update this year so was intrigued to read yours. Your week sounds much more eventful than mine! I love the idea of a quote of the week - I might borrow that idea! This week's is a beautiful one, too. #happydiaries

    1. Thank you! I based my layout on Alice Megan's Sunday Summary posts - - then just changed it a bit to make it more relevant to me. :)

  2. A lovely way to round up your week. Sounds busy! x

  3. What a busy week! Such a shame about the fire at the school. I hope the government approves your plans soon. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. Yeah, it was really horrible. It's reopened now but the rebuild is going to take about two years. x

  4. I love that quote, definitely something we should all live by. I have been eating a lot of eggs this week too- had a real craving for them. How awful about the school!!
    Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. It really spoke to me that one, because it made me think about all the people I admire most, and how they don't trample on anyone else. x


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