Sunday, 4 September 2016

This Week #47

Deuparth gwaith yw ei ddechrau.
Life This Week

This week I've been focused on listing stuff on ebay - making space and money! In the same vein I took a bunch of stuff to the Cash 4 Clothes place on Tuesday, got out of the car and went over on my ankle. I thought I'd broken it at first but it was just badly bruised. I've been limping about all week.

On Thursday Marianna and I went to Barry with my parents which was really fun, but going up and down the pebble beach at Cold Knap didn't do my ankle much good. Saturday was back to work with advice surgery in the morning. Of course it rained all day!

Photo of the Week

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This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: True crime. Let's face it, I'm always reading true crime!

☆ WRITING: A post about the Reeves branch of our family tree.

☆ WATCHING: Er ist wieder da (Look Who's Back). The basic premise - Hitler waking up in 2014 and getting to grips with the modern world - sounds kind of naff but, trust me, it really isn't! The film is equal parts hilarious - the dog scene! - and terrifying. The guy playing Hitler, German stage actor Oliver Masucci, spent a month wandering the streets and talking to people who, even on camera, started spouting the kind of racist BS the Nazis were founded on. Masucci said he actually ended up feeling relived whenever someone shouted abuse or tried to hit him. It's like watching EU referendum vox pops all over again...

Sawatski, the guy in the vest, is trying to convince the dog breeder to lend them a dog as animals just love Hitler, and he loves them... In the car he asks what that was about - 'it was the only language he understood!'

☆ LISTENING: Marianna's baby babble - I've compiled a list of her current vocab.

☆ WEARING: I had to layer up on Saturday it was so cold. Summer really is over. :(

☆ EATING: I had a really nice meal out at The Ship in Barry on Thursday.

☆ REVIEWING: What I read in August.

On the Blog

It's been another fairly quiet week. I haven't really got back into the 'swing' of blogging yet.

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