Sunday, 23 October 2016

This Week #53

Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg - Steady tapping breaks the stone.
Life This Week

It's been another busy week! I chaired my very first Full Council meeting on Tuesday, and had a whole bunch of mayoral engagements. I went to a 100th birthday party, attended a memorial service for the Aberfan Disaster, handed out certificates at a citizenship ceremony, and launched the Pontnewydd British Legion Poppy Appeal. I took Marianna with me to that last one, and she was so well behaved, watching the band and staying quiet while I spoke and for the minute's silence.

On Wednesday night Anthony and I went to the Mayor's fish and chip supper / quiz evening. Veronica managed to make it for a little bit, but sadly it didn't improve our chances in the quiz stakes - I got to announce that my team had come last when it was all over! It was a really good laugh though, almost like I had a social life other than work for an evening. ;)

I was out Saturday evening too, at a Pontnewydd Ladies' Choir concert. Their guest act was Y Tri Tenor (The Three Tenors) who were totally awesome - there are a few videos of them up on YouTube, and one of the trio, Robyn Lyn Evans, has his own website.

Photo of the Week

This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: So many sad accounts of the Aberfan Disaster. I wrote a tribute post HERE.

☆ WRITING: About Unilever's #brightFuture Challenge.

☆ WATCHING: Loads of kids' TV clips to check I had the right episodes for my A-Z Guide to LGBTQ+ Themes on Children's Television.

 LISTENING: I really liked this at the choir concert I went to; Adiemus is by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins, and is in a made-up language so as not to distract from the actual sound of the voice.

☆ WEARING: Check out some of these costumes of Halloween past for the #FridayFrivolity linky.

☆ EATING: We went to Pages Fish and Chips for the first time for the quiz night, and it was so good!

☆ REVIEWING: An overview of my council work for the last month.

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