Sunday, 6 November 2016

This Week #55

My body is on the earth, but my head is in the stars
Life This Week

It's been another quiet week, mostly filled with homely domestic stuff like wading through the mountains of washing, and attempting and failing to get Marianna to do her business on the potty.

There wasn't much on workwise - advice surgery on Saturday was the main thing - and blogging was pretty lowkey too. We didn't go anywhere for Halloween because Marianna was terrified of absolutely everything Halloween related. And then we didn't go anywhere for Bonfire Night for much the same reason. Hopefully next year this will be a really fun action-packed week, but this time... we just had to write it all off!

Photo of the Week

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This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: Anthony wrote me a day in the life of a stay-at-home dad - he makes it sound like I don't do anything!

☆ WRITING: About some of the early films I've been watching this week. I had loads of fun giffing the story outlines, and tracking down some analysis from various historians - Algie the Miner (1912), Sex in Chains (1928), and Gilbert Saroni in various shorts between 1901 and 1904.

☆ WATCHING: Batman: The Movie (1966).

 LISTENING: Cat Stevens - that's why I had to go with a Harold and Maude quote this week!

☆ WEARING: Not the chains, Marianna has appropriated them -


☆ EATING: Nothing memorable.


On the Blog

I posted my Editorial Calendar Ideas for November and put together a masterpost for my film and TV history posts.

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