Sunday, 19 March 2017

This Week

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Life This Week

It's been ages since I've done one of these updates! This week has been pretty standard, nothing particularly exciting to report. I had healthier scrutiny committee, and planning committee, and a meeting of the Gwent Police and Crime Panel. Possibly other things I've already forgotten about...

Photo of the Week
Marianna looking dapper
I Have Been Mostly...

☆ READING: I scanned in a news clipping about the launch of the poppy appeal last year.

☆ WRITING: About my favourite flowers.

☆ WATCHING: Southland. It's equal parts compelling and frustrating. One episode they're shooting people at the drop of a hat, and the next they're all 'omg, I am totally overwhelmed by this criminal, if only I had some kind of weapon at my disposal...'

 LISTENING: All Time Low. I'm feeling nostalgic for my youth. (RIP)

☆ WEARING: My engagement ring. I thought I had lost it last week, but I found it under a pile of paperwork upstairs.

☆ EATING: Pizza. :)


On the Blog

I scanned in a couple of drawings I did for Marianna's baby book, and shared some Wales memes for Friday Frivolity.

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