Sunday, 10 October 2021

This Week - 10/10/2021

What if this is all real

This week has been tough. Last week I couldn't even bear the limited amount of self-reflection it would take to write a round-up and just posted some more magazine scans. I don't know if it's the weather or the earlier nights or simply the never ending barrage of bad national news, but I've been mightily depressed. 

The next thing on the horizon is the election and everything it entails. I've got a pre-selection interview next Tuesday. Then it'll be branch selection. Then, providing I've jumped those two hurdles, canvassing for the actual election. (We did a session of door knocking in South Sebastopol yesterday morning. I amazed myself tbh by knocking on about 50 strangers' doors, lol.) Then the count. I feel physically sick every time I even think about it. 

I've been starting to look at job adverts for the local area, etc, because even if I make it through selection it's no guarantee. In the meantime I will try and make a doctor's appointment to ask if I can have my dosage increased again... 

Today, to add insult to injury, my laptop has been on the blink and I've just noticed I have my first grey hair. It's really not been my week!

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