Sunday, 20 December 2015

This Week #14

Mostly work stuff this week. We had a police and community meeting on Monday, followed by Labour group. Then Tuesday was full council (the webcast is HERE) followed by planning committee. Wednesday saw some quality eBaying and Marianna time, and Thursday was resources scrutiny committee and a grants meeting. I don't normally watch the webcasts (living it is enough!) but catching a glimpse then to link up makes me realise how uninterested I look half the time because of my phone - I agreed to go completely paperless so I get all my agendas and papers through on my Blackberry. So now whenever I'm reading I look like I'm texting or something! Ah, well. Think of the environment, eh?

I'm off now until January 2nd so Friday I got a whole bunch of blog posts written up for future use, and Saturday I took Marianna to my mum's for the day. We watched Rainbow for hours (as usual) and encouraged Marianna in her weird one knee / one foot crawl-shuffle.

Marianna in toy car seat
This is probably going to be the last wear of this dress - she's growing so fast now!

☆ READING: Life in the Victorian Asylum: The World of 19th Century Mental Health Care by Mark Stevens. The first half is set out like a pre-admission brochure, explaining what the prospective patient could expect from their time at the asylum, which had a much more immediate impact than most history books. It was quite eye opening really, to see the aims of the asylum, and to have a few myths debunked about the public vs. private asylum.

☆ WRITING: An Introduction to the Yowie. I read Paul Cropper and Tony Healy's book on the Australian Bigfoot and just had to blog about it. 

WATCHING: Tales of the Unexpected. Sky Arts have them all on catch up so, even though I've seen most of them already, I'm working my way through them. My favourite episode is still S3:EP1 The Flypaper which does more to highlight 'stranger danger' than any public service announcement could ever hope to.

☆ LISTENING: The hum of the scanner. This week's offering is a June 1979 issue of My Guy magazine.

☆ WEARING: The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring. If you fancy winning one for yourself, check out my giveaway.

☆ EATING: Pringles. Once you pop...

☆ FEELING: Excited.

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