Sunday, 3 July 2016

This Week #42

It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.
Life This Week
This week has taken it out of me. It's not been particularly busy, just stressful. I checked my online statement on Wednesday night, ready to congratulate myself on being so frugal I could pay off the bulk of what I owe my parents... only to discover that a bunch of fraudulent ATM transactions were littering my statement. I reported it to Natwest's fraud line and cancelled my bank card, but all the stories google threw up around ATM skimming suggest I shouldn't get my hopes up about a refund.

It's really hit me hard because even though it might not seem a lot to some people (about £250), it took a lot of scrimping and saving to get that money together. And now it's back to square one. I'd write more but it's getting me upset all over again just thinking about it. :(

There were some nice things this week, too. On Tuesday I went to present some awards for adult learning week, and on Thursday Marianna was discharged by physiotherapist. She has an appointment to see the foot specialist, because she tends to try and walk on the side of one foot, but other than that she is completely on track for mobility now.

After advice surgery on Saturday I took Marianna to a birthday party. There were balloons, and cake, and a bouncy castle. but Marianna was mostly interested in crawling after balls from the ball pit - then rolling them back in the opposite direction. Fun times! This afternoon we're going to the mayor's civic ceremony. Hopefully Marianna will manage not to scream the place down...

Photo of the Week

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This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: I've been catching up on books I've been sent to review - apologies if you follow me on goodreads!

☆ WRITING: I wrote a piece on Monday about how electoral priorities would get a shake up if young people voted, looking at some of the figures around poverty for young and old people.

☆ WATCHING: The world go by. We were sent some blinds to review from Order Blinds Online, so I've been spending time looking out Marianna's bedroom window as we put them up, then sorted through her wardrobe to get rid of all the too small 12-18 month stuff. I can't believe how quickly she has grown!

☆ LISTENING: Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects.

"Let me know that I've done wrong,
When I've known this all along.
I go around a time or two,
Just to waste my time with you."

☆ WEARING: A new necklace I won from Touchstone Accessories. My full win list for June is now up.

☆ EATING: Fruit and Special K. I've been very good with the diet this week.

☆ REVIEWING: We have been checking out some of the Mustela baby bathtime range - the Baby Shampoo, the 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash, and the Massage Oil. We've been really pleased with them; they smell nice, work well (Marianna is a dirt magnet...), and I love that all their products are designed to be as gentle as possible.

You can use everything from newborn, even if a baby is premature, and I wish I had known about the PhysiObébé when Marianna was tiny. It's a no rinse face and bum wash! You just pump a little on a cotton ball, wipe it over the offending area, and done. If I've piqued your interest, you can take a look at their website linked above, or connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Marianna with bottles of Mustela skin care

On the Blog

This week's host theme for #FridayFrivolity was funny stock photos - I went with watermelons. Seriously, so many stock photos involve watermelons! I also completed the Harry Potter Blogging Tag, and did some drawing for the first time in months for a post on House of Fraser's summer kids' clothing range.

I have a few competitions still running, including this newly launched one for a copy of Horrid Henry the Movie on DVD:


  1. I've been trying to catch up on my reading too. Unfortunately, I got sick last weekend.
    Love that first quote.

    1. It's a bit scary how quickly the reading pile builds up! It's already being added to again, for me. x

  2. Aww i hope Marianna is feeling better now! And the fraud is sorted out! Been scraping to save money too since my sister is coming over for 2 weeks with her family and it hard i tell ya!
    I still have a lot of catching up to do with my reading too! The only problem is i cant fix my timing when i start reading and just want to finish it in one go lol!

    1. I hope you have a great time with your sister! The bank is refusing to refund at the moment, but I've opened a case with the police and ombudsman so fingers crossed. x

  3. Seems like your week has been a right mixture of good and bad. Hope that things get sorted fairly and that it doesn't happen again to you. #anythinggoes

    1. Thanks hun, they're refusing to refund but I'm not going to give up without a fight!

  4. Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your money situation that sucks! I really hope you get it back. The bath stuff you've been revieiwing sounds amazing, will definitely check it out. I have loads of reading and writing to catch upp on's never ending xx #anythinggoes

    1. Thank you, lovely. The bath stuff is really nice - I love getting to try out different products. :D

  5. Wow you've had a stressful week! It's so awful! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes this week! Janet


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