Sunday, 3 March 2019

This Week - 03/03/2019

नहुनु मामा भन्दा कानै मामा जाती । - Half a loaf is better than no bread

Half term is almost over! It's felt like a very long week - Marianna has discovered the power of the tantrum, and the redecorating is still ongoing. It'll be a relief to be back in work tomorrow.

Still, we did do some fun stuff this week. On Wednesday we went to pick and plant at the school Hwb; there was a really good turnout and the group got lots of litter picking, digging, and leaf clearing done. On Friday I had a staffing committee meeting at Bron Afon, and in the evening it was Cwmbran Community Council's civic dinner. I was dreading it a bit because my anxiety's been quite bad the last few weeks, but I actually had a really nice time.

We had our monthly advice surgery on Saturday morning, then I did some more painting in Marianna's room. I'm hoping to have it all finished by the end of this week. Today we went to an International Women's Day event hosted by the South Wales Gurkha Community Mother's Group. We had to leave quite early because my mum was expecting us for Sunday lunch, but - after the usual sulking - Marianna really loved watching some Nepali dancing! :)

Later I've got putting flatpack furniture together to look forward to... wish me luck!


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