Friday, 24 May 2019

Friday Five - Classes You Wish You'd Studied Harder In

Friday Five


I was a major swot so this list was kind of difficult to come up with...

#5. Home Economics. I'm still at the Can't Cook Won't Cook stage.

#4. Geography.

#3. RE. Some people did an extra GCSE in it with lunchtime lessons, but I didn't want to give up my break.

#2. ICT. I mean, I did everything I had to, but I wish I'd gone further with it instead of humanities. I could have had a decently paid job by now!

#1. Welsh. My year group was the first to have to study it at GCSE level and I really couldn't see the point. The school compromised by letting us take it as a short course, but it meant I left school unable to even recite the alphabet fluently, in spite of my paper pass.

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Friday Five

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