Sunday, 5 May 2019

This Week - 05/05/2019

May the 4th Be With You

Well, okay, it's the 5th today, but Darth Marianna was too cute an opportunity to pass up. :)

Anthony bought the dress for her on Tuesday and she has rarely been parted from it since. She even wore it to residents' advice surgery yesterday morning. Apart from rewatching way too many Star Wars movies, I've been continuing with the quest to list half my possessions on ebay - that's what it feels like, anyway - and gardening.

I mowed the lawn, finally, and cut back the hedge so far it's no longer in our garden. It gave me great satisfaction!

On the blog I've posted a guide to Cutie Pops dolls, a miniature book review, and another of MitchyMooMiniatures. Away from the world of miniatures I reviewed Beans & Sparks Club and Mustela Skincare.

Frugal Five

Frugal Five - a new feature whereby I document the details of five wins / bargains / etc from the past week...

★ Get £1 to start you off when you sign up to GPT (get paid to) site Oh My Dosh!

★ Check out the new designs for the Baby on Board badges - and grab your favourite for free.

★ If free badges are your thing, have you heard of the Pony Tails Club? It's a free newsletter and membership pack (including a badge) for kids, all about ponies. Marianna is a big fan!

★ My free sample of the week goes to 247 Blinds. They're offering unlimited samples. :)

★ I've been working on a collation post of sites offering free fabric swatches too.

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