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Magazine Monday: Girls' Cinema 1923

Girls' Cinema Magazine

One of my long term hobbies has been collecting teen annuals and magazines, I've just always found the change over time in them fascinating. A little window into another world, I suppose. In the interests of making things easier to find, I'm planning on moving the scans I've done of them over onto this blog - on Mondays. :)

Today's offering is the November 17th 1923 edition of Girls' Cinema, a weekly magazine which ran from 1920 to 1932 when it merged with Film Star Weekly. In the early 1920s its pages were filled with celebrity gossip, fashion and etiquette tips, short stories and - in varying doses - Rudolph Valentino. This issue has a great piece on indoor winter fashion (#23), Mae Murray's views on what men want (#14 - 'the vanity of man demands that his woman be entirely feminine and beautiful enough to be desired by other men so that he might glory in his possession'), and a condensed version of Elinor Glyn's Beyond The Rocks, a film version of which had been made as a Valentino vehicle in 1922.

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My favourite part of any teen magazine is always the problem page, in this case #28. It includes such gems as 'maybe you will be able to remove the superfluous fat from the bridge of your nose by massage', and 'I know of a famous star who is reducing by adhering to a diet consisting merely of milk and potatoes, taken separately, of course.' Though even in 1923 there is support for independent women, as the agony aunt says: 'I certainly think that the girl who goes out into the world to earn her living is the best off, and likely to have a better time.'

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