Monday, 6 April 2015

Magazine Monday: Picture Show, April 1921

This week we have the April 23rd 1921 edition of Picture Show, a weekly film magazine which ran from 1919 to 1960. This issue offers up such curiosities as a column's worth of gossip on Eille Norwood, the most prolific Sherlock Holmes of the silver screen (#17), Priscilla Dean's advice on what to wear for involvement in 'health-giving sport' (#20), and an editorial note on 'luxury on the screen' (#23) - 'The cinema, like everything else, is subject to fashions. ... To-day it is the luxurious setting. The motion picture is no longer the poor and humble child of a time when its production was cheap and the home of its entertainment cheaper still. It has grown rich in its prosperity, and luxury is the keynote of its present-day existence.'

Little John Henry Jnr (otherwise known as Don Marion Davis) cuddles up with Peter, one of the Mack Sennett Studio's four-legged regulars - not as famous as stablemate Teddy the Wonder Dog though, the latter was earning $350 (c. £4500 in today's money) a week at the height of his fame in 1919.

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