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Magazine Monday: Picture Show, July 1921

July 30th 1921 edition of Picture Show magazine, then the UK's best selling film weekly. This issue features an advert to become a 'full sized man' (#2), the expressions of Raymond Hatton (#9), and a wonderful article on how to make yourself beautiful (#22) -

"Feminine beauty is a thing to rave about, but it must be sugar-coated if it would be arresting to the gaze. The whole charm of one's figure, the perfection of features can be ruined by the wearing of clothes that don't suit. It should not be a difficult matter to dress to the best advantage in these days when styles are so pretty and materials so beautiful. But I am afraid a great number of girls make a big mistake by sacrificing modesty for style. Modesty is indeed the delight of feminine dress. It is the most delicate, the most effective of all charms in a woman, and never better expressed than by her dress."

Basil Sydney and Doris Keane in 'Romance', a now lost 1920 film based on the 1913 play of the same name written by Edward Sheldon.

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From jokes of the week (#20), originally printed in the Ladies' Home Journal -

Pretty Young Woman (to the music shop assistant): "Er, Have you Kissed Me In The Moonlight?"
Assistant (politely): "No, madam. It must have been the man at the other counter. I've only been here a week."

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