Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mini Mart: Victoria Miniland

The Wicked Witch of the West (Disney Store), Queen Amidala (Hasbro) and Synergy (Integrity Toys Jem) enjoy dinner by candlelight.

Supplier: Victoria Miniland
Website: Etsy Store.
There is also a website which has loads more cool stuff.

Products: [Note: Not all items ship to the UK.] High quality 1/48 scale furniture sets, 1/12 scale roomboxes and miniatures (including more unusual items like coffins and theatre seats), and - what I was looking for - 1/6 scale LED battery lights. I'd been looking for 1/6 scale candles for quite a while, so ordered a set of two for £15.22 (CAD $29.99).

I'm really pleased with them and they look great in the sixth scale dining room!

Cyberman is playing Butler.

Post and Packing: The candlesticks were sent very well packaged - wrapped up in foam and plastic, protected by polystyrene peanuts in a cardboard box. Included was a 20% off voucher for the new website and a mini pack of Starburst (which I'm eating as I write this, and very nice it is too!). UK shipping was £5.99 and it took just over a week to arrive from Canada.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :) I had a set of 1/12 scale candles, but they just looked so tiny in the scene.

  2. Replies
    1. :D She's really cool, and has the big 'witch' nose and everything!

  3. It looks like a pre-halloween dinner!
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML

    1. Hehe, I can't wait for full on Halloween scenes :)

  4. Oh these are fabulous
    'I love what you've done with the place darling' :)

    1. :D If only my actual house was looking as sorted!

  5. These look amazing... I really like the Wicked Witch from the West :D x


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