Sunday, 27 September 2015

This Week #2

Follow Your Heart. Just don't forget to take your brain with you.

It was Full Council on Tuesday (webcast HERE), and Joint Scrutiny (webcast HERE) on Thursday so I got to see plenty of the inside of the Chamber. On Wednesday Anthony decided to go out at midday and roll in at 2am - alright for some! - so Marianna and I spent the day singing, riding in / pushing the toddle car (respectively), and watching Rainbow. We were also in the local paper this week, talking about local facilities for babies.

Most of the weekend was spent without internet access (bar 3G) which was a living nightmare. It reminded me of that episode of High Hopes where Charlie and Hoffman ask Fagin what people did before television...

Fagin: Nothing. We was as bored as hell. Endless nights just sitting around, waiting to go to bed.

People think we're sisters! 
Marianna with her Baba - she's even started saying Baba now, it's so cute.

☆ READING: I finished Outlander (review HERE).

☆ WRITING: More True Crime, this time the murder of Kitty Roman in Miller's Court in 1909.

WATCHING: I caught the first two episodes of Detectorists on BBC4 the other night. It's really good! Larry Bishop is a brilliant character, and the detecting side of things rings so so true.

☆ LISTENING: Uncle Kracker. Before last week I never knew he had done more than Follow Me. But check out Smile. Easy listening at its best.

☆ WEARING: Plaits. The perfect hairstyle for when you have no time.

☆ EATING: Toast.

☆ FEELING: Tired.

Besides the posts already mentioned, I wrote a guide to dolls designed without hair, and a quick review of Minimum World miniatures. My first blog competition, for a copy of SuperLucky Secrets, finished last night with a total of 634 entries. The winner has been drawn and contacted, but thanks so much to everyone who took the time to enter!

To top it off, I made 100 likes on my blog Facebook page this week. :D


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