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30 Day Blogging Challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge

1. A Recent Picture of You and 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself

I try to avoid having my picture taken, but here's one from a few months ago. As for facts, I don't know exactly how interesting these will be, but here goes...
  1. My middle name is Claire.
  2. I have never played the lottery.
  3. But I enter tons of competitions.
  4. I used to have my eyebrow pierced.
  5. When I was a kid, I collected thimbles. 
  6. And trolls.
  7. I'm a really fast reader. The crazy Cambridge Uni reading lists only honed the skill.
  8. I was there to read history.
  9. My favourite colour is red.
  10. My least favourite colour is beige.
  11. I've never travelled outside Europe.
  12. (Well, depending on where you're placing Turkey.)
  13. I'm going to be 28 this year.
  14. My date of birth is 8/8/88, which I've always thought was pretty cool.
  15. I have a phobia of chalk. Seriously.

2. The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name?

Babi a Fi is the Welsh for 'Baby and Me'. I wrote a post about how I came up with the name HERE.

3. A Habit You Wish You Didn’t Have?

I have a bit of a compulsive skin picking thing with the index finger on my right hand. I've been trying to stop for years but as soon as I go through a stressful patch I always just pick up where I left off.

4. A Picture of Somewhere You’ve Been

University holiday to Paris
Kathryn, Izzy, Cat and Me at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I'd just lost my engagement ring at the Louvre and spent something like nine hours walking... the trip ended in me pledging never to step foot in France again!

5. Favourite Superhero and Why?

My favourite superhero is Superman. He gets to be the epitome of goodness, or a superdick, depending on which era you're focusing on. I've written about it in more detail HERE.

6. Something You're Proud of in the Past Few Days?

My domain authority went up to 32 on the last update. It's a bit sad to be proud of that, I know, but I have worked hard for it!

7. Plans / Dreams / Goals You Have

You can find my goals for 2016 in my New Year's Resolution post. My main dream is just for all of us to be happy and healthy.

8. Nicknames You Have; and Why Do You Have Them?

I don't really have a nickname, people just call me Jess which, obviously, is short for my full name (Jessica). Anthony sometimes calls me 'Old Jessica' in reference to the fact he is actually a year younger than me - although he didn't admit it until after Marianna was born!

9. Something You Crave?

My bed. It's a beautiful, beautiful place...

10. Your Top 5 Pet Peeves
  • People - i.e. Anthony - who don't put the tops / lids back on foodstuffs and return them to the pantry / fridge.
  • Drop down address forms which only have the historical counties for Wales, but postal or even administrative counties for England. 
  • 'Learned' being used in place of 'taught'. I have a pet theory that it's particularly common in Wales thanks to the either / or nature of the Welsh 'dysgu', which doesn't make it any less irritating.
  • Bus operators who only accept the correct change - Newport Bus, I'm looking at you - hoping you'll have to overpay, day after day.
  • Unskippable adverts on YouTube.

11. Favourite Foods

Anything which is bad for me, really. And beginning with 'c': cake, crisps, chips, cheese...

12. Somewhere You’d Like To Move To or Visit

I'd love to visit Japan. My bank balance disagrees!

13. Favourite TV Shows

I love murder mysteries, crime dramas, cop shows, etc, and will happily watch just about any TV detective. I have a big soft spot for 1970s sitcoms too like On the Buses, Bless This House, and Steptoe and Son.

For more on my taste in TV shows, I did the 30 Days of TV Challenge a few months back.

14. Favourite Movies

I like classic chick flicks - Grease, Pretty In Pink, Mermaids - and old horror films. For more on my weird taste in films, take a look at my responses to the 30 Days of Film Challenge.

15. If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

I really don't know if I would. They say you should never meet your idols because, chances are, they'll only disappoint you.

16. Do you own a smart phone? Tell us why you love it.

I have a Blackberry Passport and I love it. The lack of app compatibility is frustrating, but I love that it's more like mini tablet than a phone - it's so great for reading agendas and spreadsheets on at work, which is really important now I've signed up to go completely paperless.

17. What Has Been Your Best Vacation Memory?

I'll just leave this here...

family holiday in Porthcawl

18. Bullet Point Your Whole Day

I recently wrote a guest post doing exactly this for the lovely Eat Love Live London blog. You can check it out HERE.

19. Discuss Your Views on Religion

I find religion interesting from a historical and sociological point of view, and respect other people's religious beliefs. But I don't believe personally, and consider myself a Humanist. The BHA (British Humanist Association) helpfully sum up what Humanists believe:

In the absence of an afterlife and any discernible purpose to the universe, human beings can act to give their own lives meaning by seeking happiness in this life and helping others to do the same, making ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, and a concern for human beings and other sentient animals.

20. If you had a million dollars to spend, how would you spend it?

What's that, about £700,000? First off, I'd buy us a nice house and kit it out. Then I'd organise that trip to Japan, and one to Disney World Florida. Next I'd blow a few grand on collectibles and cool stuff. Finally, I'd be sensible with the (probably rather small) remainder and invest it for Marianna's future.

21. What is your guilty pleasure?


22. What’s Your Favourite Drink and Why? 

Strawberry milkshake. It just tastes so good.

Apparently as a baby / toddler I wouldn't eat anything for fear of lumps and bits, so subsisted almost entirely on warm strawberry milkshake. The doctor correctly predicted that I'd eventually grow out of it, but not before wearing my parents down to mere husks of their former selves...

23. Write a Letter To Your Teenage Self

I'm going to make this a separate post, so watch this space!

ETA: Click HERE for the letter post.

24. Write a Letter To Your Future Self

See above.

25. Write about the Worst Injury You've Had

Marianna did her best to kill me on her way out. I've written up my birth story HERE.

26. What Is Your Favourite Quote?

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
You can find more of my favourite quotes HERE.

27. List All the Places You Have Lived

Cwmbran. Cambridge. ...It's kind of a short list!

28. 3 Things You Want To Say To Different People

To Marianna: You are perfect just the way you are.

To my Mum: Thank you.

To Anthony: Tea! ;)

29. Who Were Your 3 Celebrity Crushes When You Were a Teenager?

Linkin Park
Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda of Linkin' Park. I think I even had this poster.

Travis Barker of Blink 182
Travis Barker from Blink 182.

Edward Norton
Edward Norton.

30. Share A Funny YouTube Video

I'm a big fan of novelty and spoof songs on YouTube. You can find my top ten HERE.

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  1. Chester used to be my celebrity crush too, I thought I was the only one! ;-)

    1. Hehe, I thought he was gorgeous back in the day! :)

  2. Your first sentence caught my eye - 'I try to avoid having my picture taken'. I have the same issue, but then when I look back over the albums you kind of regret it. So from now on I am in front of the camera bad or good hair day. LOL

    1. I actually had some photos taken yesterday when we went out - even though I had no make up on. That is a major step for me!

  3. I think your birthdate is pretty cool, too! G & I met on 10/10/10, which I think is pretty neat. Also, I hope you win that million dollars, because we're just down the road from Disney World!

    1. That's awesome! (And I love dates like that because they're easier to remember - I'm terrible with dates!)

      Now I'm jealous! Anthony did offer to take me to EuroDisney, but it's not quite the same. xD

  4. I too am working on the 30 Days Blogging Challenge. I am on Nicknames. It is taking me more tan 30 days as life keeps me away from the computer...haha. #bigpinklink

    1. They always take me longer than I think they will when I start... but I still keep doing them! :)

  5. That is a gorgeous photo of you in number 1! feel like I know you already! #bigpinklink

  6. I love this post! I feel like I really know you through it, it also makes me think that we are very similar, and would probably have a really good time if we went out for a night out! :) I also collected trolls, I still have my collection somewhere I think, I bet the kids will be thrilled to inherit that! Thanks for linking up with us! #bigpinklink

    1. I loved my trolls - I made them a little village out of cardboard boxes under my bed. They all had toilet tissue paper beds, and robes made of an old white blouse with a red string belt... it looked like I was starting up my own cult! xD

  7. I have thought about doing this writing challenge...or at least the topics that interest me anyway. You like McDonalds? Out of all the guilty pleasure fast food places? lol. I love the pic of your favorite vacation memory. I am sure there is a story behind it. I am visiting from #bigpinklink

    1. Everyone ribs me about it, but I just love the place. The worst thing is that we live opposite one so it's way too easy just to nip over... x

  8. Ah Edward Norton - I can agree with you on that! Your birth date is exceptionally cool Feel i've learned masses about you through this post! #pocolo

    1. I especially liked him in that suit at the beginning of Fight Club - I had so many pics of it! Lol.

  9. Love this kind of thing! It's very weird but I had the same answer as you to a habit you wish you didn't have! Always love learning more about someone - that's why this kind of post is brilliant. Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

    1. It's not exactly 'good' but hearing that someone else does it makes me feel a lot better! I've managed to leave it alone for over a week now and it's starting to heal up - hopefully I can keep it going! x


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