Sunday, 17 April 2016

This Week #31

It's not what we have in our life, but who we have that matters.
Life this Week

My lovely IKEA desk arrived (Anthony put it together!), so all my spare time has been spent attempting to finish sorting the spare room. I've listed a bunch of stuff on ebay already, but there is still a lot more to go. In work the most memorable thing was a site visit to Varteg for the proposed open cast mining development. It even stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy the views.

Photo of the Week

 Babi a Fi Recipes
I bought this shot from Madmoo on Fiverr. I'd not have the patience!

This Week, I 'Ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: Lots and lots of blog posts. I was guest co-host at the #KCACOLS linky this week and there were 95 linked posts.

WATCHING: Some guilty pleasure movies!

☆ LISTENING: Still Cheap Thrills by Sia ft. Sean Paul. I love it!

☆ WEARING: Wellies for the first time in a decade. I was glad I did though, the site visit was very muddy.

☆ EATING: We're having a takeaway tonight. Yum!

☆ REVIEWING: Phew! Toilet Spray by Vectair Systems. It's quite a neat idea; instead of spraying into the air, you just shake and spray three times into the toilet bowl itself. It comes in a 30ml bottle, so you can pop it in your handbag and take it with you for phew-y moments on the go. We tried it with Marianna stink and it worked really well, leaving a nice, fresh lemon scent. It didn't leave a chemical taste in the air either, which is what I dislike most about air fresheners and sprays.

Sadly, it worked a little less well on Anthony stink...
On the Blog

I took a few days out - most unlike me! - but I did post my answers to the Liebster Award blog challenge.


  1. I am so glad it's not just me that has had Cheap Thrills on repeat. I am so going to ruin it as a song for myself!

    1. I do this all the time - I once listened to Be Mine by Robyn for about eight hours straight! x


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