Sunday, 24 April 2016

This Week #32

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Life this Week

Marianna and I stayed at my parents most of this week, so Anthony could finish the painting. It was nice - on Wednesday we went to Tredegar House, and it was generally fun to catch up with everyone. But. (There is always a but.) Marianna was really hard work all week. If she and her partner in crime (Bracken the dog) weren't up to something, she was sticking her hand down the toilet or trying to get through the dog flap. I feel exhausted!

One cute thing happened on Thursday night. My mum and I were sorting through doll shoes for ebay and Marianna came over and started trying to put the shoes on her own feet. We're talking tiny little Barbie shoes here! It was so sweet. 

Anyway, we came home yesterday morning and I was very pleased to see our new fridge/freezer had arrived. It has a working light, and unbroken shelves, and all sorts of fancy things the old fridge could only dream of. 

Photo of the Week

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Marianna at Tredegar House.

This Week, I 'Ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: The Journey by Francesca Sanna. Check out our review HERE.

WATCHING: Lip Sync Battle.

☆ LISTENING: Daddy Cool by Boney M. I only found out really recently that Frank Farian (of Milli Vanilli fame) did pretty much all the recorded vocals for Boney M. I don't know why, I must have misread an interview or something, but I thought it was Bobby Farrell who had done it all. Anyway, it was a bit of a shock to see the man behind the voice!

☆ WEARING: Well, not me, but Marianna has been wearing some of the summer dresses my mum bought her. They're so cute!

☆ EATING: Fini Watermelon Bubblegum. When I started secondary school there used to be a guy with an ice cream van on the school playground at lunchtimes - this was before Jamie Oliver - who sold the most amazing watermelon bubblegum with sugar pips. I had no idea what they were actually called and have googled many times over the years. Then, a few weeks ago, I finally found out the name. I paid like £5 for a pack from Poland off ebay but it was totally worth it!

☆ REVIEWING: Sudocrem Care & Protect. Growing up, Sudocrem was held to have near magical properties in our house - no matter what was wrong, Sudocrem could help fix it! Now it can even prevent problems. This new cream is specially designed to prevent nappy rash, rather than being a general antiseptic cream, so you get all the usual Sudocrem goodness plus extra baby friendliness. E.g. It comes in a flip lidded tube instead of a pot, to make life easier for you - but more difficult for babies who desperately want to make a mess. This is great as Marianna has managed to get into the normal pot and cover herself in the stuff on more than one occasion.

It's designed to form a protective barrier between skin and, er, excretions, as well as conditioning the skin and working to prevent infection. It also smells really nice, and goes on easier than regular Sudocrem. I might be a bit biased as I was using Sudocrem on Marianna anyway, but this will definitely be a changing bag must have now!
On the Blog

I did the 30 Day Blogging Challenge this week, and a list of 50 Ways to Build Backlinks. I'm reading so many SEO and marketing blogs at the moment! I also hit some social media targets I've been working towards; 5,000 followers on Twitter, 1,000 on Facebook, and 1,000 on LinkedIn. :)


  1. What a lovely photo in the garden. I love how babies are so happy outdoors :)#KCACOLS

  2. Ah I can only imagine your parenting difficulties while staying in a different house - even just visiting other peoples houses is a struggle with kids, especially if they are not babyproofed at all! I'm sure it's nice to have all the painting done though and spend time with your parents.
    Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS. Hope you will come back again next Sunday!

    1. Yeah, it was lovely to catch up but all the new opportunities for mischief were a real chore! My parents still have a video player so we had to put a strip of packing tape over the flap because Marianna kept getting her hand stuck in it! x

  3. It sounds like a busy week. The 30 day blogging challenge sounds cool and I enjoyed reading your ways to build links post. Very interesting. Angela x Visiting via #KCACOLS

  4. Wow, what a week. Gorgeous photo and I used to love that chewing gum in my yoof 😉 X #kcacols

  5. Way to go on meeting your goals! And it's so fun that you found the gum from your childhood!

    Wow, sounds like adventures with the munchkin for sure... cute picture of her though, as always! :)

    1. She looks like butter wouldn't melt, doesn't she? ;)

  6. Made me smile when I saw the Sudocream in this post. Oh what a massive part of our lives that has been. I do wonder if anyone ever gets to the bottom of a pot though! Congratulation on completing your 30 day challenge. I am hoping to do something similar. Any tips?

    1. Hehe, I know - I don't think we've ever used up a whole pot before moving on!


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