Sunday, 26 June 2016

This Week #41

What you see is what you get; you've made your bed, you'd better lie in it.
Life This Week

I try to keep these weekly round-ups mostly positive, and there were some high points this week. After posting last week's retrospective, Wingz got in touch to thank me for the mention and ask if I'd like to review a pair. (Did I?? I posted the review on Thursday.) I had my first regular council meeting as deputy mayor, and welcomed figures showing that our webcasts are the most watched in Wales.

On Tuesday evening I attended a youth EU debate organised by Bron Afon, and only got to answer half a question myself because Marianna decided to scream incessantly through the entire 'councillors' answers' section. Thursday evening itself was lovely; we went to the first prize evening of Cwmbran High, which merged Fairwater High and Llantarnam School last year. It was fab to see so much talent, and the musical interlude with the cast of the school's production of 'We Will Rock You' and Cwmbran High Deaf Choir was awesome.

And then #Brexit happened and wiped more than $2trillion off the world markets. I wrote about what it will likely mean for Torfaen, and as a family we're going to have to seriously think about our future. In my day job I'm an elected county councillor for the Welsh Labour Party, so the overwhelming local support for a populist, right-wing world view is an ominous sign for next May's council elections.

I really hope I am re-elected and can play my role in damage limitation for the area, but it is a very real possibility I'll be unemployed this time next year, and relying on Michael 'this country has had enough of experts' Gove and Boris 'If you can't turn the clock back to 1904, what's the point of being a Conservative?' Johnson to safeguard the positives of EU legislation and negotiate favourable trade deals. On top of that there are reports coming in from all over of disgusting racism, newly legitimised by the vote - from chants of 'go home' to British muslims, to the English Defence League and National Front protesters out on the streets of Newcastle.

Moving to the unknown is scary, but the idea of Marianna being exposed to such behaviour is much, much scarier.

Photo of the Week

This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: The lovely folks behind WILF Books wrote a guest post for me about the importance of sharing, and what they're all about.

☆ WRITING: I couldn't help weighing in on some of the #Regrexit twitter debate, namely the argument that the young shouldn't blame the old for voting out - because they fought world wars for them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's fair to blame an entire generation, it just pains me that people's grasp of their own history is so awful. Where do they think the term 'baby boomers' comes from?

☆ WATCHING: Steptoe and Son. Anthony bought the boxset in the week and, as the Sopranos rewatch has finally (finally!) come to an end, we've made a start. Expect a post full of Steptoe quotes and trivia in the near future.

☆ LISTENING: We watched a 'classic' countdown on Kerrang! on Saturday, full of stuff we loved as teens because we're so old now! Typical of the playlist was Duality by Slipknot.

"I push my fingers into my eyes,
It's the only thing that stops the ache,
If the pain goes on - I'm not gonna make it!"

☆ WEARING: Wingz!

☆ EATING: We had an amazing cupcake at Cwmbran High's prize evening with the school's logo - it was so tasty!

☆ REVIEWING: I'm going to be reviewing Random Acts of Unkindness by Jacqueline Ward. I took part in the release day blitz already.

On the Blog

I dropped 3 points in the recent domain authority update which sucked, but on the other hand it has been a very good week for my Klout score. I'm at 68 for the first time. :) It's probably because I've got a few competitions running - £30 to spend at Party Bags and Supplies (UK), a copy of Saucy British Seaside Postcards: The Bamforth Collection (worldwide), and a copy of The Killing Kind by Chris Holm (UK) on Twitter.

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