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This Week #39

Let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom.
Life This Week

It's been a long week, especially with it being so horribly hot and humid. I was at the Civic Centre most of Monday for one meeting or another, and then Tuesday was shopping, chores, and taking Marianna to get her first pair of shoes. The day before I had come home from work to find Anthony had tried cutting Marianna's fringe. That evening he had another go when she was in the bath. The results, well... Check out the photo of the week.

On Wednesday Marianna and I went to an open air meeting about a green space in Lowlands. Halfway there my summery 'Primarni' shoes fell apart, while Marianna insisted on rubbing dirt in her face - we looked a right pair! Undaunted, we all decided to walk to a deputy mayoral engagement for Age Connects Torfaen at Widdershins in Pontypool the following day.

This wasn't my best idea.

Google directions estimated it at a 40 minute walk. Google directions didn't take the awful heat, the pram, or the uphill nature of the trek into consideration. I felt like the wicked witch of the west: melting, melting! Marianna whinged, and cried, and screamed as the day wore on and the temperature refused to drop. It was a lovely event, and I really enjoyed chatting to everyone, but stress wise it was a very hard day.

Friday was home office stuff, then Saturday I had Torfaen Women's Forum AGM in the morning (Marianna decided to have another tantrum, sigh), then Cwmbran Big Event in the afternoon. This is the biggest community event of the year for Cwmbran, and it was really well attended. We visited all the stalls, picked up some free pens (I never say no to a free pen!), and listened to Marianna shriek 'wow wow' in excitement every time we passed a dog. As the event was hosting a dog show, this was every other minute or so.

After that we walked home, had something to eat, and I went to bed about 9pm.

Photo of the Week

Marianna in the paddling pool
Marianna cooling off in her paddling pool on Wednesday.

This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: The Feelings Basket books by Debbie K.

☆ WRITING: My Father's Day 2016 gift guide.

☆ WATCHING: 22 Jump Street. As easily digestible comedy films go, it was great fun - I especially liked the imagined franchise continuations during the end credits.

☆ LISTENING: Busy Bees by Arthur Askey.

"Oh, what a wonderful thing to be,
A healthy grown up busy busy bee.
Toying with the tulips, tasting every type,
Building up the honey-comb that looks like tripe!"

☆ WEARING: 'Labour In' stickers.

☆ EATING: I had a whippy ice cream at the Big Event yesterday. Yum!

☆ REVIEWING: Blaenavon Community and Alexander Cordell Museum.

On the Blog

I did the Behind the Scenes Blogging Tag, and for this week's Friday Frivolity talked about travel. I also had a guest post go live over at Double the Monkey Business. :)


  1. What a great quote - I've never heard that before. Our queen definitely is a wise woman!

    1. She's seen so much - I bet she really has some great stories!

  2. Oh those stinkin' google directions, they have caught me out so many times. I'm glad you got to the event in one piece & had ice cream to celebrate. The photo of Marianna in her paddling pool is precious!! Thanks so much for your amazing support of #candidcuddles

    1. Me too, yet I always return to them - I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to directions, clearly! Aw, thank you so much :)

  3. Loving Marianna's choppy fringe...!! It sounds like a fairly stressful week for you, with tantrums and the heat-Eeek! I've also been caught out by the Google walking route in searing heat, which once left me absolutely melted and wondering if I had sun stroke, and once I had to take the hugest of detours because it tried to take me down a huge flight of steps and I had the pram (I know it wasn't to know I had a pram, but could've warned steps were involved, and I was still suitably cross!!) Primarni flats are always such a pull for me, because you can get about 10 pairs for £15 and I'm like a child in a toy shop! Until they disintegrate unexpectedly... Been there too!!!!! I've been meaning to watch 22 jump street-I'll have to give it a watch now! Loving your weekly updates!

    1. Hehe, the grandmothers were not impressed! Ugh, I know - Google is always doing it to me, but I still place all my trust in it. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment!

      I was really pleasantly surprised with 22 Jump Street. It made me laugh quite a bit! x

  4. what a quote! And what a wonderful balanced week of working and being mummy #BigPinkLink

  5. I feel your pain with the heat and uphill struggle with the pram, google done something similar to me and my daughter in Manchester the other week, talk about giving me false hopes! I've never had Primarni shoes fall apart on me but they do tend to rip my feet apart and leave me in tears! #bigpinklink

    1. Aw, no, that's worse - at least you can stick a broken pair of shoes in the bin when you get home. Tortured feet are a nightmare for days! x


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