Sunday, 4 December 2016

This Week #59

Only you can hold yourself back - Eddie the Eagle quote, found at momontheside blog
Life This Week

Nothing particularly exciting to report. We went to the Christmas light switch on at Cwmbran Community Council on Friday night, which was fun. Marianna insisted on being held by me the whole way through - showing zero consideration for my poor back, lol - and danced about to the carols like they were thrash metal. It was so cute.

I also had advice surgery this week, and did some work on the blog, trying to improve load times. We spent some time at Anthony's parents too, so Marianna could serve as a distraction from the upcoming funeral for a bit. She took it a little too seriously and threw tantrums over just about everything...

Photo of the Week
This Week, I 'ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: Check out the reading wishlist I did for this week's #FridayFrivolity.

☆ WRITING: A guide to Sunday Blog Linkies.

☆ WATCHING: I love cop shows and murder mysteries, and somebody recced me Forever a few days ago. It's an ABC show about an immortal 18th century gentleman (Ioan Gruffudd ♡) who works as an ME in New York and uses his wealth of experience to solve cases. It's so exactly my kind of thing and I was really sad to find out it was canceled after just one season.

 LISTENING: I posted my own Desert Island Discs selection this week.

☆ WEARING: Hats and gloves. It's cold.

☆ EATING: Chocolate. Thank you, advent calendar!

☆ REVIEWING: I've decided to start doing a movie round-up each month, the same as I do with my book reviews. The feature film for November was the awesome Florence Foster Jenkins.

On the Blog

I've been a little quiet on the blog this week as I've been writing fiction instead - for the first time in ages! I'd forgotten how much more absorbing it is, it's like you've just got to get all these words out of your head and into a word document before they disappear.

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