Saturday, 8 April 2017

Fandom Tag Challenges

Fandom Tag Challenges

30 Days of...

 Doctor Who.
 Fanfic Writing.
 Horror Films.
 Video Gaming.

Top Ten...

 Comedy Songs.
 Fandom Favourites.
 Frog Movies.
 Mermaid Movies.
 Unicorn Movies.
 Video Games.

Top Five...

 TV Dads.

Various Numbers of...

☆ 7 Deadly Sins Book Tag.
 8 Writing Asks.
 12 Days of Christmas Songs.


 A - Z Fandom Ask Tag.
 A - Z of Creepy Retro Television.
 Bands / Singers You've Seen.
 End of Year Fandom Meme.
 End of Year Writing Meme.
 Favourite Female Characters from Childhood.
 Shipping Ask Challenge.
 Stupidly Long Fandom Ask Meme.

Fandom Snowflake ChallengeRomance Writing Playlist
Fanfiction Author MemeFic Writers Week 2017

For more general tags, check out my blogging tags, memes and challenges post.

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