Sunday, 27 January 2019

This Week - 27/01/2019

Worth has been underrated ever since wealth was overvalued

This week has been fairly quiet as the council committees sitting were not ones I'm on. I was invited to go along to Croesyceiliog Secondary's school council meeting on Thursday which was pretty interesting, and highlighted some of the things that might come out of the ongoing school uniform consultation.

Mostly I've been doing lots of crafts and stuff with Marianna, and working out ways to help reach my goal of getting out of my overdraft. I got the food shopping done for £21 this week which I was pleased with, and next week should be even cheaper again. :)

I'm on a money saving roll at the moment, and the blog posts I've written reflect that - there's one about joining the Pony Tails Club (for free), referring friends to get subscription boxes (for free), reviewing a Toucan Box (which we got for free), and our taste journey to South Korea with Beer52 (which I had a coupon to get for £2.95).

I also posted a walk through of my mum's doll house, the Malibu Beach House from DHE.

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