Sunday, 14 April 2019

This Week - 14/04/2019

Believe you can and you're halfway there

It's Easter! Well, Easter break at any rate - Marianna is already looking forward to a full two weeks of being entertained all day every day... They had an Easter bonnet parade at school on Friday so, obviously, I was busy making it last thing Thursday night. You can see the end result HERE.

I also blogged about Marianna's bedroom makeover, funny local news headlines, and Juku Couture dolls.

Frugal Five

Frugal Five - a new feature whereby I document the details of five wins / bargains / etc from the past week...

★ Brexit might still be dragging on, but it does mean you can apply for freebies. You can get maps, posters, and books from the European Commission.

★ You can also check out free posters available from the Open University - including the new one for BBC's Earth From Space HERE.

★ There's more learning stuff at mathscard - it's a free credit card sized booklet that folds out.

★ In need of some new recipes? You can get a bunch of free Filippo Berio recipe cards in the post.

★ Finally, my free sample of the week goes to Perch and Parrow. Choose 6 free fabric swatches. :)

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