Sunday, 23 June 2019

This Week - 23/06/2019

Sometimes you need to let go and see what happens

The weather has been mostly miserable this week - so miserable Marianna's sports day was cancelled on Wednesday. She was not happy! Hopefully they'll be able to have it some time soon. I had Maendy school governors on Tuesday. It was the AGM and I got elected Chair this time. I've been vice-chair for a couple of years now so it should be interesting. (There's always a need for new governors. If you're interested in becoming one, read more about it HERE.)

Work was fairly quiet this week - mostly Labour party stuff, and I had licensing panel on Thursday morning. I hadn't been on licensing committee for a few years now, so it felt a little strange doing a panel again.

On the blog I've written about Clueless dolls, FAD dolls, Apne Dolls, and Middle School Moguls. For my Friday Five I wrote about my Top 5 Scary Movies, and also posted a list of 100 places to get free artificial grass samples.

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