Sunday, 30 June 2019

This Week - 30/06/2019

Who lives sees much, who travels sees more

This week feels like it's gone on forever! The main things at work were full council on Tuesday which ended up being a very long, drawn out meeting. With a request for another meeting right at the end of it. Thursday was visioning (i.e. forward planning) for Children and Young People committee. I still feel really nervous every time I chair it; I'm not sure why, really. Just my nervous disposition, I suppose.

Yesterday Marianna stayed the night at Anthony's mum and dad's, so I mostly just slept. There was a time when a free weekend meant sightseeing, or a night out, or whatever, but now it's just a chance to sleep as much as possible! I did get up eventually and finish off a post on the Broad Haven Triangle mystery I've been working at on and off since last October though.

We also watched that new Netflix film, Murder Mystery. The reviews haven't been great but I really enjoyed it. I mean, sure, it's not a cerebral masterpiece, but it's great as a piece of easy entertainment. I'm halfway through The Alienist - Daniel Brühl never ages, I swear - and Gentleman Jack too. It's so good, and Suranne Jones is awesome as usual.

The blog has been ticking over. For Miniature Monday I posted a guide to the Trailer Trash Dolls, and on Thursday I put together a list of 100 places offering free carpet samples delivered direct to your door.

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