Friday, 11 October 2019

Friday Five - Fears

Friday Five


From the reasonable to the ridiculous...

#5. Chalk

And anything that feels like it! Just the thought of it leaving the powder behind on my fingers makes my skin crawl. Even when I'm using pastels for body blushing dolls I have to wear gloves because I couldn't touch it otherwise.

#4. Being Buried Alive

Picking it as a topic to give a paper on at university, looking at its prevalence pre-1900, did nothing to lessen that fear!

#3. The Ring Girl

Sadako, Samara, Eun-Suh... It doesn't really matter which version, just creepy long black haired dead people crawling out of wells. *shiver*

The Ring Well Scene

#2. Suffocating / Drowning

Closely related to #4, but still different enough to merit its own entry. I especially hate 'playful' tricks like getting doused at the pool or whatever. Not cool, people.

#1. Spiders

There will be no pictures!

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