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Kids' Halloween Playlist

Halloween Playlist for Kids

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year and the endless themed novelty songs definitely has something to do with that. So, here are 30 tracks perfect for your little ghouls and ghosties! (I've gone for lively and upbeat tracks for this playlist, the kind of thing a sugar hyped kid can get into even if they've never heard it before...)

Monster Mash - Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers (1962)

Originally released in 1962, Monster Mash topped the US billboard chart but struggled in the UK where the BBC proclaimed the song 'too morbid' and refused to play it. On re-release in 1973 it peaked at #3 in the UK.

Witches on Halloween - Bounce Patrol (2018)

There's a reason this has amassed over 14 million views since last October: it's the catchiest kids' tune this side of Baby Shark.

Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell (1984)

If you can't get enough of it, check out Beatfreakz's 2006 club remix too:

Skeleton - Bim Skala Bim (1994)

I can't believe it. How can it be? So many bones inside of me! ...
I have got a skeleton, living in my skin. Underneath my face I feel him grin!

Tain't No Sin (To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones) - Dan Russo (1929)

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys (1997)

The band had to stump up the funding for this vid themselves after their label vetoed the concept, they eventually got it reimbursed when the single went on to be one of their most successful.

Midnight - Swingrowers (2014)

Nothing says Halloween like electro-swing!

This Is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The great thing about this one is that it was recorded in a whole host of other languages for international Disney audiences. Catchy and educational!

Witch's Brew - Darla Hood (1957)

Dracula, My Love - Andra ft Simplu (2007)

A contender for Romania's 2007 Eurovision Song Contest entry, it was disqualified for being broadcast early. Not that it held back the careers of either party; Andra is now a judge on Romania's Got Talent, while Simplu's lead singer Smiley has become one of the most ubiquitous presences in Romanian media.

Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo (1986)

Night of the Vampire - The Moontrekkers (1961)

This bouncy instrumental track was banned by the BBC on release because they deemed it 'unsuitable for people of a nervous disposition'...

Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr (1984)

Who you gonna call?

Skeleton In The Closet - Nat Gonella & His Georgians (1937)

Remains of the Day - Corpse Bride (2005)

Nobody does Halloween creep quite like Tim Burton!

The Boogie Woogie Man - The Brian Sisters (1942)

The Addams Family Theme

Spooky Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold (1996)

Gold's version is a Halloween staple but this electro swing remix is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Thriller - Michael Jackson (1983)

Everything about it is iconic, right down to the red leather jacket: one of the two worn on set was sold for $1.8 million in 2011!

Horror Pictures - The Calvanes (1958)

Janie Made a Monster - The Fabulous Five (1958)

Halloween Party - beFour (2009)

Halloween, Eurodance style.

The Voodoo Walk - Sonny Richards 'Panics' with Cindy & Misty (1962)

Scared - a1 (2000)

Boyband Halloween fun.

Headless Horseman - Kay Starr (1948)

Friends on the Other Side - The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Dr. Facilier always steals the show.

Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love) - Toto Coelo (1982)

Less well known than debut single I Eat Cannibals, this one is more explicitly Halloween-y, I feel!

Haunted House - Chris Kevin and the Comics (1959)

The Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)


Halloween - Kay Lande and Wade Denning (1969)

This spelling song was a rite of passage for kids in the USA!

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