Sunday, 19 April 2020

This Week: 19/04/2020

Punch your fears in the face.

I was searching Pexels for a quote to use this week and as soon as I saw the above I knew it was the one. I mean, it's current, what with the living nightmare that is a global pandemic, but it also cheered me up immensely by association. It made me think of a UFO book I once read in which the hands down greatest case study was Gary from Scotland who woke up to find Greys in his bedroom... and promptly punched one in the face. Classic.

This week has been so weird, again. I haven't blogged much because I just can't concentrate long enough on things. I've read a few books, watched a few films, played some mindless phone games like Disney Emoji Blitz and Word Journey... Then I've walked Molly, gone and sat on the wall in the front garden and guided Anthony through where to find the ebay stuff + packaging + stamps + so on, walked Molly again...

Regardless of the fact it was still Easter holidays I ordered a bunch more workbooks from The Works and I've been doing them everyday with Marianna. She needs stuff to engage her brain and most of her toys are at home.

(We're staying with my mum and dad / Rhys and Hannah for the duration. It's better to have more people around, though space is a major issue! Rhys is still in work - he does night shifts at Morrisons - but, obvs, he's sleeping and hanging out during the days and Hannah's working from home so, in the words of Madness, there's always something happening and it's usually quite loud.)

Yesterday I had her come up with 25 questions she wanted to know the answers to. I figure we can do workbook / the little tasks sent by her teacher in the morning, then in the afternoon we can watch some youtube vids and do a project on whatever the thing is. Today's question was: why do some beds have curtains on them? We learned lots about the history of beds, then designed our dream bed and bedding. Earlier in the week we did a volcano experiment and crystal growing - we learned lots but the experiments themselves were, well, less than impressive...

Deal of the Week -

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On the blog I posted a pre-written World Dolphin Day piece and a Friday Five looking at miniaturist blogs. I expect I will back date some stuff when I have chance.

Song of the Week -

Lean On - Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ

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