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This Week - 21/02/2020

You Are Out Of This World

This week Cwmbran was graced with BoJo's presence... I really can't think of anything nice to say about it so I'll just leave it there!

We celebrated pancake day by eating as many pancakes as humanly possible, Anthony lay the new bathroom flooring, and I have immersed myself about 20 foot deep in UFO literature! I figured I would trawl the records to look for interesting cases to write up for the blog, which morphed into creating a year by year overview to back it up, which quickly turned into reading through the amazing AFU Archives for the Unexplained. They have digitised thousands of magazines, bulletins and newsletters relating to UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. 

Maybe one day I'll use all this info I'm collating for something interesting like a book. More likely I'll gorge, lose interest, and move onto the next new shiny thing. I'll just enjoy the research motivation while it lasts!

On the blog I posted a masterlist for these year by year Welsh UFO sightings - along with a few completed years - and a guide to Billie Eilish dolls. I also dusted off a previously unposted 'Friday Five' chronicling five near misses in the watery depths of the Cwmbran stretch of canal...

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