Sunday, 28 February 2021

This Week - 28/02/2021

Make Today Great

Marianna went back to school on Wednesday, after much agonising over the decision on our part. I still don't know whether it was the right choice, but Marianna seems to be really benefitting from the social interaction. 

My own social interaction has, as usual, been mostly online. I had school governors this week, along with licensing committee and a few other meetings. I had a trip out to Lidl and Morrisons on Thursday to do the food shopping. The excitement was almost too much...

I'm still really into UFO research and have been working my way steadily through all the old journals. There are some interesting Welsh cases I'd never even heard of before, and the joy of following professional make-ups and break-ups as all the big names fall out with each other! :)

In other news Wales won against England and Rhys got a date for his first vaccination jab. Things are looking up for a change.

I blogged about Crazy Figure dolls, a list of places to get 25 free metal samples, a mini mart review of the Jiaou Doll Boss Chair, and a round up of UFO sightings across Wales in 1967.

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Lithium - Evanescence

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