Sunday, 29 August 2021

This Week - 29/08/2021

The way a government treats refugees is very instructive because it shows you how they would treat the rest of us if they thought they could get away with it.

I'm sure I did stuff this week - I mean, I've made it to Sunday after all - but my mind is a blank!

Marianna wanted to try camping so Anthony's dad dug out their two man tent and pitched it in our garden for us. We made it to 1:00 am before Marianna asked to come back inside... I have to say I was relieved; it was bloody freezing and my back was in pieces. But then I've never been a fan of the whole sleeping under canvas thing.

(My parents will tell anyone who'll listen about my endless childhood complaints.)

We went to the park a few times. I caught up on backdating a bunch of UFO posts. I jarred my back all over again when a spider ran across my lap and I leaped about five foot in the air...

On Saturday we went to a little family barbecue at my mum and dad's. By about half seven I was sunburned, tipsy, and napping on the sofa.

On the blog I posted a guide to Mermaid High dolls, Blitz magazine, and Welsh UFO sightings of 2010.

Deal of the Week -

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Song of the Week -

Seagulls! (Stop it Now) - Master Yoda

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