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Top Seven Worst Things About Being An Adult

In honour of Anthony turning 27 yesterday, and the imminent arrival of my own 27th birthday, here are my top seven worst things about being a grown up...

Me, age 3
The plus is not having this haircut.

#7. Taking The Bin Out

Or, you know, nagging Anthony to take the bin out. Either way, it's heavy, it smells bad, and, as Ben Elton once observed, you have to get through all the surrounding 'satellite' carrier bags before you can even reach the mother ship...

#6. Cleaning

Not wholly unrelated, but different enough to count as its own separate category of hell. Some cleaning tasks are strangely satisfying, most are simply disgusting. I even worked as a cleaner for years but there's a big difference between cleaning your own toilet and cleaning someone else's. Namely, the latter is something you get paid for...

Me and Rhys
Me and Rhys,

#5. Being Expected To Remember Things

The only thing you have to remember as a kid is to wash your hands and do your homework. But once you become an adult you have to remember every significant date, ever, and then you make the mistake of hooking up with someone else and then you have to remember every significant date they have too. To cope with it you buy a paper diary, preferably with a little pen attached, and wait for the inevitable rain storm / water bottle / sippy cup to render all your hard work completely worthless.

#4. Work

Enough said.

#3. Money Management

Before you have to actually live as a grown up and you see a pair of 100% accurate replica hand crafted Freddy gloves, you can just cancel your Netflix subscription and live on Smart Price baked beans for six months. Children apparently need a more varied diet. Who knew?

Anthony with baby Georgia
Anthony and Georgia.

#2. Gardening

The thing I never understand about the people on shows like Grand Designs is the all encompassing desire they have to 'bring the outside in'. The reason people invented houses is to keep the outside out. Full of dirt, and things which sting, bite, and otherwise want to discomfort you, the outside kind of sucks. It doesn't even have the decency to not bother you if you just leave it alone. Instead it grows wild and makes all your neighbours silently judge your unkempt hedge. No matter how sophisticated the human race becomes, gardening will ensure we are forever enslaved to the whims of Mother Nature.

#1. Fighting The Urge To Say 'In My Day'

It might seem like only yesterday but, really, it was decades ago. The technology you grew up with is obsolete, and the music you listened to has been relegated to Radio 2.

They don't do anything like they used to - and nobody younger than you gives a damn...

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  1. Funny and yet so true! No wonder, we adults wants to become kids again if given a chance, lol... Great post! #sharewithme

    1. Hehe, thank you! :D I definitely didn't appreciate being a kid enough, lol.

  2. Such a funny post! I completely agree about the bins chore -- love the Ben Elton quote!! Visiting from #sharewithme

    1. :D Thank you! Everything Ben Elton said back in the day was the truth - I was catching the train the other day and all I could think was his 'gotta get a double seat' chant!

  3. I completely agree.... be nice when the kids are older and these can be their chores hahahah That's why we have children right? lol joking. Funny post darling. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again this week for another great round of #sharewithme

    1. Haha, so very true - though my mum says I shouldn't count on it, can't think why... ;) Thanks for having me!

  4. It's really great! But being an adult has lots advantages!

  5. It's true what they say....growing up really is a trap :)

  6. The last one is so true. Wait until you're 35. I actually feel like Yoda.

  7. I agree with all of these, especially #2! I like to have a couple house plants, but I do not want to take care of my yard ever ha

    Thanks for linking up! #FridayFrivolity

    1. The only house plant I've ever managed not to kill was a cactus my dad bought me. It even went with me when I got engaged and moved out - then when we split up he kept custody of the cactus and now nobody believes I managed to keep it alive that long! :)

  8. Rofl - this is such a great post. :) And I think your hair cut was super cute! But yea, probably not a style to try to bring back. ;P Thank you so much for sharing at Friday Frivolity -- I really enjoyed the laugh!!

    1. Hehe, my nan took me for that haircut and my mum still brings it up all the time - she was not a fan! :D (And thank you!)

  9. The bin is the worst job EVER! Closely followed by hanging the washing out and emptying the dishwasher. Jobs I can't wait to pass onto the boys to earn pocket money!

  10. Ha ha brilliant post - and you're so right, why is it taking the bin out is one of the most annoying chores ever! Urgh! Thanks for posting xx #TheBabyFormula

  11. Gosh I wish I was 27 again...yes to all of these, especially cleaning and money management! #TheBabyFormula

  12. Hahaha very true! It's all a bit of a hassle... I wish I could sit and play and read all day long, and drag someone to the stair gate for food every so often :-)
    Thanks for linking up! #thebabyformula


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