Sunday, 4 October 2015

This Week #3

We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way WE are.

On Monday I went on a trip round Blaenavon - one of the towns in Torfaen - with work (read about it HERE), and took Marianna to Community Council Labour group. Tuesday saw the usual joys of food shopping and chores, then I had Maendy Primary School Governors in the evening. Marianna had her physio appointment on Wednesday morning, then I managed to go to the completely wrong meeting. I thought it was Community Council but arrived to an empty room. I should have been at Croesyceiliog School Governors which by then had already finished...

We went on site visits for planning committee on Thursday morning and then presumably I did something, though my memory is a complete and total blank on the point. On Friday Marianna and I went to my mum's and heard all about my brother's holiday to Jamaica with no jealousy whatever. (!) Saturday morning was advice surgery again - the time in between them seems to get shorter each month - then I took Marianna back round my mum's until the plumbers finished fitting the new boiler. We now have heating and hot water, but still no shower which sucks because I never feel properly clean after a bath. When we finally get it sorted I'm going to spend an hour in it.

Selfies with Daddy.

☆ READING: I've been reading Edgar Wallace's autobiography. It's a very self-indulgent book, but delightfully so.

☆ WRITING: Not much, haven't really had any motivation this week.

WATCHING: I watched a great film on BBC4 called Ilo Ilo, about the awkward family dynamics between a Singaporean family and their Filipina maid.

☆ LISTENING: James Blunt. My favourite is Postcards.

☆ WEARING: Anthony's socks. It's been cold.

☆ EATING: Mince pies have hit the shops already! I had to have one (two).

☆ FEELING: Tireder.

This week I reviewed Matlock Miniatures, put together a round up of my competition wins in September, set up Klout, and posted a new giveaway for tutu baskets - check it out HERE.

My giveaway for a pack of Funky Giraffe bibs ended with a total of 636 entries. The winner, Emma W, has been contacted and her details passed on to Funky Giraffe. :)


  1. Yum mince pies, wish I had some to eat now! #twinklytuesdays

  2. What a great round up. Thanks for sharing on #justanotherlinky xx

  3. I just don't like mince pies! Or Xmas pud for that matter! Looks like you've had a busy week! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. In a way I wish I didn't either - would definitely be better for the diet! ;)


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