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30 Day Horror Film Challenge

30 days of horror films

It's Halloween! In honour of the occasion I took on the 30 Day Horror Film Challenge - here are the results, handily condensed into a single blog post.

1. First Horror Film You Saw
The Tommyknockers
The TommyKnockers, 1993. The 'tommyknockers' chant still creeps me out. Watch it on YouTube HERE.

2. Last Horror Film You Saw
Johnny Depp in From Hell
From Hell, 2001. It wasn't very good, but it did have Johnny Depp looking like this which was, I felt, suitable recompense. 

 3. Favourite Homegrown Horror
The Dark 2005 film
The Dark, 2005. Okay, it wasn't actually made in Wales - but it is set here. It didn't get great reviews, but I really enjoyed it all the same.

4. Favourite Foreign Language Horror Film
The Orphanage / El Orfanto
The Orphanage, 2007. Creepy and weepy.

5. Favourite Horror Sequel
Halloween III Series of the Witch
Halloween III: Season of the Witch, 1982. This film has little to nothing in common with any other in the Halloween franchise - and it's all the better for it.

6. Favourite Zombie Film
White Zombie
White Zombie, 1932. Bela Lugosi creates his own army of the undead, using his evil voodoo powers. It's the original and (arguably) best zombie film. Watch it on YouTube HERE.

7. Favourite Horror Franchise
Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street
Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984 - 2010. It's not the 'best' franchise by any stretch, but it's always good fun. Well, until you hit Freddy vs. Jason, at any rate.

8. Favourite Anthology Film
Asylum 1972 film
Asylum, 1972. I love anthology films, they should make more of them. Asylum edges it's way to the top of the list by containing 'Mannikins of Horror', a story which played on my once young and impressionable mind for weeks. Watch it on YouTube HERE.

9. Favourite Horror Actor
Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and Christopher Lee
It's a three way tie between these fine gentlemen: Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and Christopher Lee.

10. Favourite Horror Actress
Gloria Holden in Dracula's Daughter
Gloria Holden, pictured here in the awesome 1936 Dracula's Daughter.

11. Favourite Horror Film of the 1910s
Theda Bara
A Fool There Was, 1915. Theda Bara was the original movie 'vamp' and, while it might not be of the bloodsucking kind, she still manages to send her beau to the grave. Watch on YouTube HERE.

12. Favourite Horror Film of the 1920s
Korkarlen special effects
Korkarlen, 1921. Known as The Phantom Carriage in English, this Swedish masterpiece really showcases what 1920s cinema was capable of. Just check out that ghost effect! Watch it on YouTube HERE.

13. Favourite Horror Film of the 1930s
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, 1936. Tod Slaughter doing what he does best. You can watch it on YouTube HERE.

14. Favourite Horror Film of the 1940s
Dead of Night
Dead of Night, 1945. Horror film production was banned in Britain during WW2, but this anthology film is a fitting comeback. 

15. Favourite Horror Film of the 1950s
Night of the Demon
Night of the Demon, 1957. It's a classic for a reason.

16. Favourite Horror Film of the 1960s
Hammer Horror The Witches
The Witches, 1966. I love this Hammer Horror which even features a guest appearance from Sindy doll's boyfriend, Paul.

17. Favourite Horror Film of the 1970s
The Exorcist levitation scene
The Exorcist, 1973. The spider walk!

18. Favourite Horror Film of the 1980s
The Poltergeist gif
Poltergeist, 1982. Kids today will never understand the terror of the TV static.

19. Favourite Horror Film of the 1990s
Audition - 1999 Japanese horror film
Audition, 1999. Weird isn't the word.

20. Favourite Horror Film of the 2000s
The Hole
The Hole, 2001. I really liked the twist in the tale in this one. It's also great for pointing at the screen and going 'isn't that what's their name off what's it called?' Watch it on YouTube HERE.

 21. Favourite Horror Film of the 2010s
The Woman in Black
The Woman in Black, 2012. It had so many of my favourite horror film elements.

 22. Favourite Remake
The Amityville Horror house
The Amityville Horror, 2005.

23. Favourite Slasher
Fright 1971 British horror film
Fright, 1971. Really a proto-slasher, but still manages to be one of the better examples of the genre. Watch it on YouTube HERE.

24. Worst Horror Film
I Spit On Your Grave
I Spit On Your Grave, 1978. There are many, many, many bad horror films out there. Few come anywhere close to the awfulness that is I Spit On Your Grave.

25. Favourite Vampire Film
Let The Right One In
Let the Right One In, 2008. Swedish horror romance.

26. Favourite Horror Comedy
Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead, 2004. So many references for the horror nerd to uncover.

27. Most Gruesome Horror Film
Final Destination 3
Final Destination 3, 2006. This is really subjective because the film is only rated 15 but... it's the only horror film that's ever made me consider getting up and walking out of the cinema. The scene with the tanning bed made me feel so sick. I stayed put though, because my younger brother - who wasn't even legally old enough to be in the showing - was sat a few rows in front of me with his friends. My horror film street cred would have been trampled into the dust!

28. Horror Film You Wish More People Had Seen
Rawhead Rex
Rawhead Rex, 1986. Don't be put off by the low budget monster; it doesn't feature for long and the rest of the film is a forgotten gem.

29. Favourite Horror Film Based on a Book
The Innocents
The Innocents, 1961. Brilliant movie based on Henry James' 1898 novella The Turn of the Screw. Watch it on YouTube HERE.

30. All time Favourite Horror Film
The Ring - gif of Samara walking towards viewer
The Ring, 2002. Other films are better, it's true, but nothing has ever given me as many sleepless nights as Samara / Sadako climbing out of that well.

What's your favourite scary movie?

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  1. Great post - I'm not a horror movie fan, I get too scared lol. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

    1. My other half always says I'm planning the perfect murder I watch so many! lol :)

  2. Some great films are listed there. My favourites are - the grudge 1 and 2, the strangers, the last house on the left, woman in black, the wrong turn

    thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

    1. I loved the Grudge films - creepy kids are my number one horror film fave. I mean, who needs sleep anyway? ;)

  3. I love Horror movies and there are some in the list i haven't seen. I will definitely be looking to watch the ones I haven't seen. Thanks for linking up with Blogging Mummy #anythinggoes linky

    1. I'm really slipping behind on new releases, but on the plus I have seen loads more older horror films recently - nights in are good for something! :)

  4. LOVING this list!

    It makes me sad that horror films just aren't what they used to be. Someone needs to bring the scare for me to be happy. :) Maybe we should write our own book and watch it go to box office and make us ultra rich?

    Hope your weekend has been treating you well. XO


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