Sunday, 25 October 2015

This Week #6

Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

Work was a bit doom and gloom this week - a seminar on Monday about how we're going to deal with cuts to the adult education budget, and then full council on Tuesday (webcast HERE) followed by a scrutiny session on whether or not we should go ahead with the consultation to close Victoria Primary and Brynteg nursery (webcast HERE). It will be challenged again after the consultation, I'm sure!

When I got back from food shopping on Tuesday I felt so ill. I went to bed about 6:30pm and slept through until almost 11am the next day. I still felt awful Wednesday and Thursday but, on the plus side, we finally got the new shower fitted on Thursday night. It was so great to be able to wash my hair properly again.

Saturday saw me, Anthony and Marianna in town for the launch of the poppy appeal and a flash choir for the Cwmbran's Urban Buzz project. In the evening Anthony went to the pub while I stayed home and cleaned the kitchen. There is something very wrong about that sentence...

Marianna in her pushchair
I love this photo of Marianna from Saturday.

☆ READING: Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen. I'm only about halfway through.

☆ WRITING: Some random words for a handwriting quiz - find out what your writing says about you HERE

WATCHING: Life of Crime. It's a three part ITV mini series from 2013, following Denise Woods from her first day as a WPC in 1985 to her promotion to Superintendent in 2013 - and her fixation with tracking down a killer. I really enjoyed it, even if I cried loads!

☆ LISTENING: The Cwmbran's Urban Buzz anthem - check out me and Marianna in the video HERE.

☆ WEARING: Curlers. Only in the house though. ;)

☆ EATING: Jaffa cakes. Yum.

☆ FEELING: Tired.

I reviewed Odins Miniatures, posted a round up of linkys, and got to be the featured blogger in this week's #SoMe2 instagram party. I also wrote a 'You Know You Were a 90s Kid When...' post, check it out HERE. I briefly managed to hit 60 on Klout this week too, but I'm back down to 59 now. Still, it's going in the right direction. :)

My tutu basket giveaway ended with a total of 964 entries. The winners have been contacted and the prizes sent out. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! 


  1. What a lovely photo, and I agree jaffa cakes are great ! Popped past from #twinklytuesday

    1. The problem is that they just don't last long enough... Hehe. :)

  2. That picture of Marianna is SO beautiful — she's a little doll isn't she? :) Sounds like you've had such a busy week — and yes!!! WHY were you cleaning the kitchen whilst your bloke was in the pub?? Whats that all about ;) Thanks so much for linking up with us on #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you! I'm very biased but she *is* gorgeous - when I was a kid I used to tell everyone that when I grew up I'd have a little ginger baby (none of my side of the family are) so I still can't quite get over her colouring :D Haha, I know! I felt like I ought to have a 1950s apron on.

  3. Your little girl is so cute bless her what a lovely picture. I love this post that you do and i think its something I may start to do, its a fab round-up of everything you have been doing. Thank you for linking up wth #anythinggoes Blogging Mummy

    1. Thank you! :) I based the layout on the one does - it's a nice way to keep a record of what we've up to. (Even when it's pretty much nothing! lol)


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